No matter what else I try, I always end up going back to black nailpolish.

Here I’m wearing Sally Hansen “Midnight in NY”, which is one of my favorite black polishes because it has beautiful depth. There’s an extremely fine glitter in the polish –too fine for individual pieces to be obvious,  but the the shimmer is a sort of subtle burgundy with hints of dark blue. Getting it on is a bit of a challenge, though.

The colour of this polish is beautiful
The formula is wonderfully quick-drying
It’s not very long-wearing
The tapered brush makes application difficult


I’m very torn on this polish. Although I love the colour and how quickly you can build up coats, the fact that I need to remove and reapply within a day or two, even with a top-coat, drives me nuts. The combination of how quickly it dries and the oddly pointed brush means that I found it prone to streaking and missing spots on application– and once it did streak, repairing the problem within the same coat was nearly impossible. That said, it was pretty easy to apply a second coat to correct the problem without messing up the first. In terms of lasting power, I find it sadly lacking, but there is one positive in this area: rather than chipping, it seems to sort of fade at the tips. This means that although the manicure won’t be perfect for a long time, it doesn’t go from perfect to chipped mess in minutes.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this polish because of the colour– but only if you’re prepared to reapply it or top it up within a day or two.

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