I’ve had a really hectic long weekend (more to follow in another post!), so I didn’t have time to write up a proper post for the day. Instead, I’m going to do that TMI questionnaire I saw the lovely Christina post on on A Casual Beauty.

Putting it under a cut, since it got a little wordy:

1.  What are you wearing?

A black knit sweater from Dunnes and black workout pants from Under Armour. And these black M&S slippers:

Truly, I am the epitome of cutting-edge style and bold colour choices…!

2.  Ever been in love?
Possibly? I thought so at the time. In retrospect, it’s difficult to judge.

3.  Ever had a terrible break up?
Yes, though I’m of the opinion that it’s not really possible to have a break-up that’s not terrible in one way or another.

4.  How tall are you?

5.  How much do you weigh?
128 pounds.

6.  Any tattoos?
No; I don’t like the idea of anything permanent on my body. I’m entirely too fickle and I know I’d be fed up of it inside of a year or two.

7.  Any piercings?
Both earlobes, twice.

8.  OTP?
Too many to mention. The main characters of my current novel is probably the one I spend the most time thinking about these days.

9.  Favorite Show?
This is where I have to admit to being an utter, utter sad case: I’m a fiend for property shows. Location, Location, Location. Selling Houses. Double Your House For Half The Money. A Place In The Sun. Restoration Man. Grand Designs. Homes Under The Hammer. The worst part? I just rattled those off without even having to think about it. Location, Location, Location is on as I write this. I hope to dabble in property some day, so I’m educating myself as much as possible while being entertained in the process. I’m a bit obsessed with those storage auction shows, too (Storage Wars, Auction Hunters, Auction Wars), and things like Dance Moms.

In terms of fully scripted shows, I’m really into The Big Bang Theory, Agents of SHIELD, The Good Wife, and How I Met Your Mother.

10.  Favorite bands?
I tend to go in cycles with bands. Over the summer, it was Fall Out Boy and I Am X. Then it was Kanye West. At the moment it’s UNKLE. Long-term favourites include NIN, She Wants Revenge, U2, VAST, Hot Chip, and OK Go, but there are lots of others I enjoy, too. I am all but permanently attached to my iPod (I have the original old-school version that has only a tiny screen, no apps, and hundreds of gigs of space for music), and I love having a good variety of music on there.

11.  Something you miss.
…I can’t really think of anything. I’m not really into missing things, because I find that most things are replaceable one way or another, in the grander scheme of things.

12.  Favorite Song?
I couldn’t possibly pick just one.

13.  How old are you?

14.  Zodiac Sign?
Sagittarius. I’m not a fan or believer of Astrology, though.

15.  Quality you look for in a partner?
Being pretty perfect. I’m a perfectionist in all areas of my life and I really enjoy the freedom of being single, so I can’t imagine giving that up for someone unless they absolutely knocked me off my feet with their wonderfulness. I believe that if you’re in a relationship, it’s only fair to be “all in”: to really make an effort to prioritise the other person’s happiness, to include them in your decision-making process, to be willing to compromise, and to work hard on communication. That’s an awful lot of effort for someone who doesn’t light up your mind, your heart, and your pants, or who you can’t picture a future with.

16.  Favorite quote?
I don’t have one. This question keeps coming up, so I keep thinking I should prepare something and have one to hand, but I can never decide on a single quote that’s better or more important than all of the other intelligent and insightful things that have been said over the years. Besides, I think it’s always better to rely on your own widsom and intuition than anyone else’s.

17.  Favorite Actor?
I don’t really have one, I don’t think– I’m quite easily pleased when it comes to entertainment, so even if I were to boil that down to “actor whose work I have always enjoyed”, it would still be an extremely long list.

18.  Favorite color?
Visually, probably a sort of purple-blue. To wear, unquestionably black.

19.  Loud music or soft?
Loud, but only where nobody else can hear it.

20.  Where do you go when you’re sad?
The seaside, or the park. I find both very calming.

21.  How long does it take you to shower?
Under fifteen minutes. I have extremely long hair that takes a bit of managing.

22.  How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
That depends a lot on what I’m doing for the day. If I’m staying at home, ten minutes to wash my face, brush my teeth and my hair (different brushes), and throw on some comfortable clothes (see question #1). If I’m going out, a little longer to add some light makeup and accessories– maybe a half hour or so.

23.  Ever been in a physical fight?
I was a bit of a tomboy in primary (elementary) school, and was involved in the usual pushing-shoving sort of thing. Nothing since.

24.  Turn on?
Wit, intelligence, dedication.

25.  Turn off?
Laziness, slovenliness, untidiness, poor spelling or grammar, lack of humour, rudeness, dishonesty.

26.  The reason I started blogging.
To connect with people, and to share things that I enjoy in life.

27.  Fears?
Insects in my home. Making mistakes that cause long-term problems for myself or others. That’s probably all, really.

28.  Last thing that made you cry?
I can’t remember. I don’t cry much.

29.  Last time you said you loved someone?
Yesterday, probably.

30.  Meaning behind your blog name?
My blog name is just my name. I wanted to call it something cool or witty or use a clever pun, but the problem with those is that they tend to be content-specific, and I wanted my blog to have a very varied content. Maybe I’ll change it in the future if I come up with something that spans the spectrum, but I’m not really that concerned about it. I don’t really give much thought to the names of things, unless they’re terrible or offensive.

31.  Last book you read?
Under The Duvet, by Marian Keyes. I absolutely love her writing; her lyrical, as-she-speaks style is a complete inspiration to me, and I always come away from her books sounding just a little more Irish for a few days afterwards!

32.  Book you are currently reading?
I haven’t started anything new yet, since I just finished that one this morning in bed.

33.  Last show you watched?
The Big Bang Theory.

34.  Last person you talked to?
Mummy dearest. She popped in for tea on her way home from the shops.

35.  The relationship between you and the last person you texted?
She’s my mother. (I texted to invite her to pop in for tea on the way home from the shops.)

36.  Favorite food?
Possibly scallion and coleslaw sandwiches on wholegrain bread. Or maybe roast chicken. Or avocado salad. Or homemade fat-free chicken curry. Or spicy salmon. I’m quite a picky eater, but I have a lot of things I love to eat. Apart from my terrible fondness for chocolate, biscuits, and cake, they’re all pretty healthy, as well.

37.  Place you want to visit.
South Korea. I have a friend who’s been there twice, and it sounds really incredible.

38.  Last place you were?
I haven’t had a holiday in over two years, if you can believe that– though I did visit a hotel about a half hour’s drive from the city just this past weekend for a family function. I was in the Cayman Islands in January 2012 the last time I went anywhere far away, and it was wonderful. I’m hoping to get to England and maybe New York this year, though. We’ll see.

39.  Do you have a crush?
I do not! Not anyone real, anyway. I’m very rarely interested in anyone, truth be told.

40.  Last time you kissed someone?
I can’t remember. Ages and ages ago.

41.  Last time you were insulted?
I can’t remember that, either. I’m assuming this means purposeful insults, and I’m fortunate enough to have a life filled with lovely, kind people who wouldn’t deliberately insult me.

42.  Favorite flavor of sweet?
Chocolate. Always, always chocolate.

43.  What instruments do you play?
I play the piano (badly). I never had music lessons as a child; I was always more interested in dance and drama. I taught myself to play piano when I was fifteen, though, for my Junior Cert Music exam (which requires you to play an instrument). I’ve forgotten most of what I knew then, though I’ve recently acquired a beautiful electric piano, so I’m trying to re-learn it all over again.

44. Favorite piece of jewelry?
A watch my mother bought me.

45.  Last sport you played?
Does swimming count as a sport? I don’t enjoy team sports because I find them very stressful– if I screw up, my failure reflects on others, and I feel terrible. If other people screw up, their failure reflects on me, and it isn’t fair to get angry with them, even though that makes me furious and irritated. I prefer solo sports– swimming, jogging, yoga, dance, etc.

46.  Last song you sang?
I have a horrible feeling it might have been “Walking On Sunshine” at last weekend’s dinner dance.

47.  Favorite chat up line?
I don’t really do chat-up lines. I think it’s better to just be yourself, and see what happens.

48. Have you ever used it?
I’m always myself. I’ve tried alternatives, but they never seem to quite work out. There was an incident with a wig once. We don’t speak of it.

49.  Last time you hung out with someone
This past weekend, with my cousin and aunts. A fun time was had by all.

50.  Who should answer these questions next?
Anyone who’d like to answer them! I hate nominating people in case they feel pressured and some of the questions are too invasive for them to want to answer.

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