Now that I’ve been home a few days, I’ve finally recovered from my weekend away (will be posting about that tomorrow). My skin is beginning to recover, too– all that swimming and champagne took its toll, and the stress of getting ready to go beforehand didn’t help, either. Since I’ve been home, I’ve turned to one of my favourite repair products to perk my skin back up again, and it’s definitely doing its job.


Putting my thoughts on this product behind a cut, since I have quite a lot of opinions about this one! Kiehl’s is a brand I discovered in New York about ten years ago– in Barneys, I think. I fell in love with the lip balms (the limited edition peppermint one is something I’ve never quite been able to fully replicate) and bought something like ten tubes home with me. It wasn’t available in Ireland at the time, and every time I went to NYC or even to London, I bought more lip balm, but didn’t want to try any of the other products, because getting them was a pain in the backside.

Flash forward to 2013, and suddenly Kiehl’s is available in one of my favourite haunts –Dundrum– just waiting for me to start expanding my interests in their product line. I’d heard excellent things about their Overnight Biological Peel (mostly from the lovely ladies of, and decided to give it a go.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t get into a bed, then stretch out, corpse-like, on a mountain of pillows, to remain perfectly still for the next eight hours.

Let me fess up from the beginning: I am not a fan of overnight creams. I am not a 1940s Hollywood starlet. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t get into a bed, then stretch out, corpse-like, on a mountain of pillows, to remain perfectly still for the next eight hours. Putting on a thick night cream is something vaguely torturous to me– I hate the feeling of it on my skin, and I really hate the feeling of it on my pillow.

Like many people, I read in bed, and I suffer from pretty chronic insomnia. When I get into bed, it’s always with a book, and I can’t remain reading in one position for the hour (or two, or three!) it sometimes takes me to sleep. I roll onto my left. I shift onto my right. I wriggle onto my stomach.

By this point, I always feel like whatever face cream I’ve been wearing is now working its magic on Egyptian Cotton rather than human skin.

So it’s worth noting that when I say this stuff is good, what I actually mean is “this stuff is good even if you smear most of it onto the pillows before finally drifting off to sleep.”

It’s full of Sodium Hyaluronate (a salt variant of the stuff everyone’s talking about right now), HEPES (for a gentler version of that acid-peel glow), and, um… Urea (yes, the stuff from pee– in its sterile form, it’s very good for your skin).

If you can manage to avoid wiping it all over your bed as opposed to your face, you will wake up in the morning with a noticeably improved complexion: smaller pores, finer lines, and reduced redness. Yes, the serum is thick and heavy– but it feels like (sticky) velvet, and it smells surprisingly pleasant, as well.

Super effective
Light, neutral scent
Velvety texture
Very heavy formula
Needs to stay on overnight
Slightly pricey

It’s well worth the rather painful pricetag (I can’t remember the exact amount, but you’ll need a crisp €50 note in your hand if you’re not heating the plastic) and the effort of trying not to drag your cheeks across the pillows for the night. To be used three times a week (“or as needed”), this is one product that I imagine will be living in my bathroom cabinet for years to come.

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