Someone take my credit card away from me. Cut it up, flush it, hide it under the bed, put it in your mammy’s bra– whatever you think will keep me from using it again for a while, will you? Because I’m just back from Kildare Village Shopping Outlet, and I’m pretty sure the damn thing is white-hot by this stage.

Kildare Village is an American-style outlet mall– if you’ve ever been to the glorious Woodbury Common in the States, you’ll know what I’m talking about, but unlike its American cousins, it doesn’t require you to get on a plane and then a bus for hours and hours. Instead, you can just hop on the M7 to get there, and if, like me, you live in the city, you can be there in under an hour. What you get for leaving the comforting borders of Dublin is lovely scenery and great shopping at hugely reduced prices. The last time I was there was a few years ago, and actually finding the place was a tiny bit of a nightmare, but now it’s incredibly simple: exit 13 off the M7, two roundabouts, and you literally cannot miss it.

You were already picturing this the minute I said “American-style outlet mall”, weren’t you?

While smaller than the ones in the States, it’s got a reasonably good selection of brands in a variety of categories, including homeware stuff like LeCruset and Villeroy and Bosch, sports brands like Nike and Reebok, and my favourite: great designers like Karen Millen, Louise Kennedy, All Saints, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and their newest addition, Mulberry.

Look, I’m just going to confess here: I made a pig of myself at this place. Not with food, mind you: food options there are extremely limited. Unless you like Starbucks (which I don’t, since I can’t stand the smell of coffee; it makes me queasy), your only option is L’Officina. While the staff were wonderful and the food itself was well-prepared, the menu is not to my taste, and was, by unanimous vote of our group, sadly limited. Mum and my aunt ended up having soup because they could find nothing else they wanted to eat.  I had spaghetti, which was very nice– but which was not available on the adults’ menu, for some reason. There was only one “standard” meat option, a steak, and nothing in the way of fish that wasn’t smoked or otherwise cured, rather than cooked. Next time we head down there, it’ll be home-made sandwiches, flasks of tea, and bottled water in the car, I think.

As for my purchases… Well.


The bags took over my aunt’s kitchen. That’s not a good sign, is it? Broken down, I got: a Louise Kennedy jacket, a Mulberry bag, a pair of leather pants and a heavy t-shirt in All Saints, a Mulberry sweatshirt, and a sweater and pair of lounge pants in Jack Willis. Pretty decent haul, all told, and I am very happy with everything. (Even though I am going to have to give up food for the next couple of days to make those leather pants work.)

Loungewear is my new favourite thing:

Look, it’s got little monsters on it!

So in love with those pants, my god. Look at the little stars…!

This outfit is so fierce I don’t know where to start. I’ve never had leather pants before! And probably never will again; these were the first I ever tried that fit me. They have really great cut and design that stops them from looking clunky, and they seem to be designed for short-butts like me with the minimal leg length.

Last but not least: Mulberry bag and Louise Kennedy jacket. I got both of these for an absolute steal: half retail, or thereabouts. I’ve been wanting to add more gold to my wardobe, and I thought maybe this was a good way to go about it. The details on these are amazing, look:

I love the Chanel-style frayed edges, and the buttons are heavy and feel super luxe.

Look at the little tiger! He’s adorable. I had been wanting the standard Mulberry flap, but I actually prefer this one since it has a longer chain and hangs a lot better.

I’m thrilled with all my purchases, and this basically guarantees that I’ll be heading back down to the outlets soon… Well, “soon” meaning “after my credit card stops smoking”.

Has anyone else been to the outlets recently? Are there any other places I should be going for great deals? Any suggestions for what I should put in my sandwiches next time I go back? Drop me a line and let me know!

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