When it comes to lip colour, having found Right Red and the Best Brown for me (both of which will be covered in a future post), I covet the Perfect Pink lipstick, but so far it has proved elusive. I mentioned in a previous post how I am forever in pursuit of the perfect blusher— my quest for the perfect pink lipstick is likewise ongoing.  I may, however, have reached a temporary solution in the combination of two different pinks overlaid which kind of give the effect I’m after…

Anyone who knows me will know that I am not a fan of makeup that looks heavy or obvious. I have absolutely no problems with anyone else choosing that look or any other (in some cases, I think it looks amazing and am a little jealous of their incredible skill), but for me, personally, I like my makeup to appear natural and under-stated. Wearing heavy makeup feels to me a bit like wearing a wig: great fun, exciting for a change, but  kind of weird and not something I would want to do on a daily basis. I just don’t feel like myself, you know? I look in the mirror, and I’m sort of like, “Who the hell are you?” I’m always itching to take it off by the end of the day (or night), and the makeup tends to get ditched right after the shoes as soon as I get home.

So, when I’m looking for makeup, unless it’s something intended to make a pop statement like red lipstick or glitter or black eyeshadow, I like it to look natural– “me, but better”, as they say. With pink lipstick, my benchmarker for “me, but better” lips is how my lips look after I’ve been using Smashbox O-Plump. I’ll do a full write-up on that one some day, but the core points of what you need to know about it now is that its formula reacts with your skin to give you your own unique shade based on your natural lip colour. I love the colour it makes my lips, but I hate the sticky feeling associated with any kind of gloss product. I’ve been chasing that perfect, pretty pink every since– except this time, in a formula that doesn’t stick to my hair every time it falls into my face.

My most recent purchases in pursuit of those have been these:

From Left: Inglot 138, Rimmel Moisture Renew 125, Rimmel Lasting Finish 206, Rimmel Lasting Finish 086

What’s a lipstick discussion without a little swatching?


From left: Inglot 138, Rimmel Moisture Renew 125, Rimmel Lasting Finish 206, Rimmel Lasting Finish 086

All of these are budget products (the Inglot offering is €13, the Moisture Renew is about €8, and the Lasting Finish is somewhere in the €6.50 bracket), and that is pretty apparent in various different ways. The Inglot one is a little drying on the lips, and for some reason, the stick doesn’t retract all the way down– it’s easy to catch the cap on the lipstick when putting it back on, which is wasteful and annoyingly messy. The Lasting Finish ones don’t feel especially great on the lips, either, but they are incredibly pigment-y for the price. My favourite of the bunch, formula-wise, is the Moisture Renew: it’s easily the creamiest of them (without being sticky), and it feels nice when it’s on. There is an unfortunate chemical-ish scent off all four of them, though, which I haven’t really noticed when wearing them but which I can’t seem to escape as I write this up with the four swatches still on my arm and my sleeve pulled up. If you’re sensitive to scents, you might want to take that into account when considering any of these.

As for colour… Well. It’s a personal choice, but both of the Lasting Finish ones are out for me: one is too magenta, the other too coral. The Inglot is probably the best (I pity the poor Inglot girl who had to help me try FIVE shades yesterday before I could find the best one for me), though it’s still a little too frosted for my taste. The Rimmel Moisture Renew is pretty good as well, but it’s a tiny bit too barely-there for my liking (the shade name is To Nude Or Not To Nude, which should tell you something).

The solution? PUT ‘EM BOTH TOGETHER! Layer the Rimmel over the Inglot and you get a much more moisturising finish and a colour that’s somewhere in between them both:


From left: Inglot, mixed colour, Rimmel (and more Rimmel peeking in on the right– oops)

Capturing nuances of colour on an iPhone –indoors, at night– is a bit of a nightmare, but that’s the closest I can come (after about twenty photos) to showing how they blend into a colour that’s not as neutral as the Rimmel alone, but which offsets the frostiness of the Inglot version.

My quest will continue, because having to use two colours to get the one I want is a little bit annoying (I might try blending them in a pot next to see if that works as well as manually blending them together every time), but in the mean time, this is a pretty decent solution.

Have you found your perfect pink? Do you have a recommendation for me that might help me find mine? Drop me a line and let me know!


  1. Posted March 25, 2014 at 21:20 | Permalink | Reply

    I’m starting to get more in Rimmel. I think my perfect pink would be CG Lip Perfection in Heavenly although it doesn’t have shimmer. NYX Indian Pink is nice too.

    • Posted March 25, 2014 at 21:42 | Permalink | Reply

      Ooh, thanks for the suggestions! ❤ One that doesn't have shimmer might be exactly what I'm looking for, in fact… My favourite red is actually a Rimmel one, and you can sometimes get great deals on them in Tesco if they're doing an offer. I definitely recommend the Moisture Renew line; they're lovely to wear.

      Thanks again for the comment! :3

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