I’m not the biggest fan of wearing obvious makeup (which is why most of my PICLW series is skincare rather than makeup) but Benefit’s They’re Real mascara deserves a mention even from the makeup phobic likes of me.


I’d often seen this mentioned as a makeup must-have for dramatic lashes, but since that’s not really my scene, I never tried it out before. Then I read that it was excellent for no clump lashes, and that’s where it got my attention. I asked for some for Christmas, and Santa (aka my Lovely Mummy) delivered.


This stuff definitely packs a visual punch, and it’s really good at separating your lashes as well. It has the new-style spiky brush rather than the old-style spoolie I generally prefer, but it still does an excellent job on coating individual lashes and making them stand out, as you can see in the modelling photo above. It’s not touted as being waterproof, so I was a little skeptical of its staying power. I am murder on mascara (long eyelashes + hard blink = cheek smears), but to my delight, I found this barely budges. All day. I’ve even worn it through a little sneaky cry (the Veronica Mars film– say no more!) and it didn’t seem to do much damage to it: it looked almost the same at the end of the day as it did when I took that photo before leaving the house.

That’s without any kind of eyelash curler, by the way, since I broke my lovely plastic one and haven’t been able to replace it yet. I’m too chicken to use the metal ones after a minor disaster when I was a teenager, and tracking down the plastic kind in real-life shops is surprisingly hard! I’m also wearing a little bit of eyeshadow from the wonderful Naked 3 palette  (Limit, Nooner, and Darkside, to be precise), if anyone is curious. In fact, this look was actually what I was wearing when someone asked what falsies I was had on, so I got to rather gleefully tell them the brand’s name as a sort of joke.

I would absolutely recommend this mascara to everyone, even those who are a little shy of dramatic lashes. At €26, it’s falls into the mid-range price bracket, but is so, so worth it.

Excellent at picking out individual lashes
Takes forever to shift during removal
Not officially waterproof

Are you a fan of “They’re Real”? Do you have a suggestion for something else I should try? Drop me a line and let me know!

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