I’ve heard good things about Aldi’s budget beauty offerings lately, so I decided to give them a go!


Last summer I got really into juicing, and my skin, hair, and nails really benefited from it. I got lazy about juicing since Christmas, and my skin and nails have definitely been feeling the loss of all those wonderful vitamins and minerals, so it’s high time I got back on the wagon! My favourite place for fruits and veggies is Aldi, since I find their prices a bit more competitive than Tesco or Dunnes, and while their selection can sometimes be limited, my perishables seem to last a little longer before perishing– which is great for my lazy, non-driving ass who prefers to keep grocery store runs to a minimum.

Mum and I headed out to the Sandyford Aldi on Sunday to stock up, and while there, I decided I might give their beauty offerings a try. What I’ve read has been largely positive, and at these prices, I didn’t think I could go wrong! Here’s what I got:

Le Mara Face Cream – €6
Raspberry Body Butter – €3
Nadur Shea Butter Hand Cream – €2.50
Lacura Anti-Fatigue Face Mask – €5

Where else could you get two tubs of body butter, hand cream, face cream, and a face mask for under €20?! God bless you, Aldi.

I’m a little leery of the face cream, but I’m excited to try everything else. I’m very, very careful about what I put on my face these days, because my skin is kind of arsey and problem-prone, and it seems to just love giving me unnecessary spots, so generally I stick to things that are at least well-documented so I know what I’m getting into. This, though, I’m assuming is a budget take on Creme De La Mer (because it’s seaweed based, and also with Avocado and Almond oil), so maybe it will work well for me? If nothing else, it smells very nice and is creamy without being overly heavy.

The body butters smell delightful– they’re obviously a nod to Body Shop’s version of the same, but at fraction of the cost. Raspberry is my favourite body lotion scent (apart from Chanel no.5), and my usual scrub is raspberry, so I can see myself using this to the very end. Not so sure about the shea butter, but I figured it was worth a try. I haven’t used the original Body Shop version, but this stuff definitely feels rich and pleasant.

I’m quite proud of myself that I managed to get the last hand cream– it was wedged at the very back of the rack and I had to sort of climb it to get back there and pick it up. (Budget shopping, in my experience, usually involves a lot of physical challenges– I’ll have to post about my experiences at the Hermes sales some time.) I’m interested to see how that cream works out, actually, because I’ve recently developed a bit of an obsession for the L’Occitane hand cream to which this is clearly an homage. (Let’s call it an homage and not a rip-off, yes?) It doesn’t smell quite as nice, but it feels very, very similar.

Lastly, I decided to give the face mask a go. I was expecting something to slather on and scrub off, but no! Seemingly it is more more like an intensive moisturiser rich in Vitamin C and E. I might try this after one of those deep penetration Hydraluron masks and see how I get on. It smells interestingly orangey, and despite its very thick texture, it absorbs pretty quickly. My skin was left feeling a tiny bit greasy, but very supple and rehydrated.

One warning, though: unfortunately, it will might well be a full year before Aldi get these back in again, because that seems to be their MO. Last September I bought a little cereal dispenser, but discovered it was broken when I got it home. When I bought it back to change it, they were extremely understanding and completely willing to let me exchange it or get a refund, but there were none left. I asked when they’d have more back in, and the astonishing response was “Probably not until this time next year, since things usually come in at the same time every year” — I found that a little absurd, but hey: their business model obviously works for them. Hopefully some of these things will get added to their permanent line-up, though, because I’m already fond of that body butter and mask…

Has anyone else tried this stuff already? Do you have any budget store favourites you’d like to share? Drop me a line and let me know!

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