Remember what I said about cutting up my credit card? Yeah, that didn’t happen.


However! These were sale items, so there’s that, at least? Visited M&S (yes, that M&S– there’s nice, fun stuff in there if you take time to look for it!) recently, and spent some time hunting through their sale racks to see what I could see. As a general rule, I’m not a big fan of sale shopping– crowded rails spilling clothes onto the floor and beating people out of the way isn’t really my idea of a good time, but sometimes it’s worth the hassle for sweet finds at sweet prices (especially when you’re trying to perk up your wardrobe without spending a fortune).
Here’s what I got:


This little black top is gorgeous: sheer, floaty, and silky. It’s a little on the large side (there was only one left, so I had to take a 14 when I’m really an 8-10), but I can team it with leggings and have it as a cute summer outfit.


I’m in love with this little sweater. Anyone who says blue and green should never be seen is missing out, since they’re two of my favourite colours to team together. I have a great navy and green Hermes scarf that will go perfectly with this, and I can wear it with jeans any day for a cute casual outfit that won’t freeze my backside in the bitter Irish spring.


Lastly, there’s this little fitted top. It’s not my usual style, but the neckline is really flattering and overall I liked how it fit because it was actually in my size! I’ll probably wear it with skinny black jeans for a slightly less casual vibe, and I’ve got a really nice purple and green bracelet that will go with this perfectly.

Are you an avid sale shopper? Do you like M&S? Any suggestions on how to style my new pieces? Drop me a line and let me know!

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