Much as I love this outfit, I got completely caught off-guard with it: the weather was supposed to be sunny and not-cold, but instead it was BALTIC and rainy. My Uggs didn’t quite get ruined, but I did spend a lot of time trying to protect my poor shawl from the elements! Spring can not come soon enough for my liking; I’m so fed up of grey, overcast skies that constantly have water falling out of them! Apologies for the grainy photo; iPhone cameras are pretty much null and void in low-light-level conditions, and it was incredibly dull when I got home.


Sweater: Tommy Hilfiger (Tommy Hilfiger)
Thermal T-Shirt: Primark
Shawl: Hermes (Hermes Sale)
Skinny Jeans: Primark
Shoes: Uggs (Brown Thomas)
Pink Bracelet: Hermes (Hermes Sale)

I love how the shawl and scarf are almost exactly the same colour. I’m a big fan of the matchy-matchy style, at least some of the time– I just don’t feel comfortable with too many colours on!

Are you into the matchy-matchy look, or are you a proponent of riotious colour clash explosions? Drop me a line and let me know!


  1. Posted April 3, 2014 at 01:51 | Permalink | Reply

    Seriously .. Another Hermes !!!!!!

  2. Posted April 3, 2014 at 15:30 | Permalink | Reply

    I’ve been collecting Hermes (mostly scarves and shawls) since 2008, so I’ve got a reasonably decent selection built up by now! Are you on Purse Forum by any chance? Because I’m over there, as well. :3

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