There are two places that see a lot of my mug in this city, and those are Brown Thomas (the Hermes boutique in particular) and Dundrum Shopping Center. No specific shop there, just Dundrum. All of it. The whole thing. I could write odes to how wonderful that shopping center is, but I won’t, because instead I will let the pictures do the talking:


Details and more photos under the cut…

Most of these lovely things were brilliant bloody bargains, too. That Marvel Shirt is from Primark and was just €8! I had to take a 12 because the 8s and 10s were ridiculously short, but I can take it in if it’s too baggy. Mostly I just couldn’t get over the fact that they’ve got a huge stock of Marvel gear in there right now, including sweatshirts, t-shirts, leggings, and tights. Some of the t-shirts and sweatshirts were cool, but didn’t feature my favourite characters (I’m just not a Spidey or Cap girl; sorry), and as for the leggings and tights… I don’t think I really want the Hulk’s face adjacent to my lady area. They also had cute Marvel print wrapping paper, which I was tempted to get, but the sad fact is that nobody I would want to give presents to would appreciate it, so I left it alone.

To further cement my decline down that slippery Marvel slope, I also picked up Loki: Agent of Asgard #2 and Iron Man: Rings of the Mandarin #1 from The Big Bang. Yes, Dundrum has a comics shop, and if you didn’t know that… Well, I can’t blame you, because I didn’t know until recently either, mostly because it’s outside and my conception of a shopping center means all the shops are indoors and away from that terrible thing called weather. However, if I’m prepared to haul my ass out of doors for Harvey Nicks (and I am), these guys deserve no less. They’re friendly, knowledgeable, and have a great selection of merch which I am trying very hard to resist purchasing because I refuse to start collecting figurines as well as comics.

My super boots, which I am chuffed with to a slightly sad degree, came from Korky’s, and were only €30! They are passably comfortable (I’m assuming once I haven’t been walking around in sore shoes for hours before wear, they will be great), and I am so looking forward to teaming these with dark leggings and a white shirt or sweater. I also need a white coat or jacket, and there is one in Sisley I am eying, but I know there is a trip to the Outlets in the immediate future so I’m not buying anything at RRP until I make sure there’s nothing there which would suffice!

The body scrubs are from Boots (€16 each on a 3 for 2 deal), and there are two different kinds: a salt scrub and a thermal sugar scrub. I will be comparing and contrasting these at some point in the future after I’ve tried them out properly, since I’ve had both before (different brands, though) and I’m not sure which one was more effective.

Here’s a closeup of all the little beauty bits:


I’m still on my low-spending/good-girl kick, so pretty much all of these are budget beauty bargains, and I’ll be keeping you updated as to how I got on with them over the coming weeks. From the top:

Nail Polish Correcting Pen (Primark, €2)
1x Wet & Wild eyeshadow single: Envy (Primark, €2)
2x Wet & Wild glitter single: Bleached & Spiked (Primark, €2)
2 x Carmex Lip Balm (Boots, €4)
Pure Colour Highlighter (M&S, €17)
Wet & Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain E127 A Stiff Pink (Primark, €4)
Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain 020 Lovesick (Boots, €11)
PS Love Lipstick (Primark, €2)*
Autograph Precision Finish Eyeliner Brush (M&S, €7)
PS Love Eyeshadow (Primark, €3)*
Essence All About Nude (Primark, €4.50)

*The PS Love stuff in Primark was on clearance sale and a gamble purchase, but that looks suspiciously like an entire nude-toned eyeshadow palette for €3.50. Let me put that another way: a whole palette with ten eyeshadows for THREE EUROS AND FIFTY CENTS, or 35c an eyeshadow. If you can beat that (short of just not buying eyeshadow at all), more power to you. If I get one shadow I like I’ll be happy, and I reckon there’s a good chance of that. However, because I couldn’t even swatch the lipstick before purchase (last one!), it probably won’t be anything I like, but hey: €2, and looks good; I figured it was worth the risk.

M&S had offer on where you got €7 off makeup if spending €25, so I was able to pick up that brush and blush (try saying that five times fast) for just €24 along, with a third product which was a present for my mother. Bargain! I don’t have any brushes like this and I really liked the ones I had gotten in M&S before, so I’m hoping this will work out for me.

Obviously I can’t try all of this out now, but you can expect updates on how I got on with the various products over the coming weeks.

Do you have a favourite shopping haunt that meets all your needs? Have you tried any of the products I’ve picked up here? Is there anything you’d like more detail on? Drop me a line and let me know!

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    […] is almost pathetically casual. Mostly I’m trying out my new Marvel shirt that I picked up in Primark when I went to Dundrum […]

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