Jesus Christ. So, remember the Zara leggings I had on in my OOTD? These things are three years old and Still. Leaking. Dye. The worst part? It’s leaked it all over my body. The last time I wore them, my hands ended up dyed navy. I thought I had the problem licked after a doubt wash with Vanish. Apparently not, and this time? It was far worse.

As I was taking them off in the dim light of my bedroom, I noticed that there was a faint purple sheen on my legs. I immediately scurried into the bathroom to discover it was a bit more than a “faint sheen”.

I was basically Violet Beauregarde, minus unfortunate expansion problems. It took a twenty-minute exfoliation and the ruination of my shower gloves (they’re now purple, and it won’t come out!) to restore my skin to its usual human colour. I’m so frustrated! What do I need to do to get these things to stop leaking dye? Should I just give up and accept that they’ll never stop?

Does anyone have any tips or tricks to share? Drop me a line and let me know!


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