Trying a little mix of old and new with this to run some errands and visit my Auntie! Bag is from 2007, sweater is from 2008 (I think), leggings from 2011, and the runners from 2014. I think it all goes pretty well together, and I love that the little silver strap on the shoes perfectly matches the silver of the bag because they’re both by the same brand.


Sweater: Armani (Brown Thomas)
Bag: Prada (Prada London)
Leggings: Zara
Shoes: Prada (Brown Thomas)

All the gold in my recent outfits made me think it was time to let my silver stuff shine. Even when I try to introduce more colour into my wardrobe, I always end up with black, black, and more black, with only little hints of other things. I think it’s time to accept that my teenage goth ways will never fully leave me and accept black as the ongoing foundation of my wardrobe now and forever! I think I dress a bit better these days than I did in then, though, at least.

Do you have a colour or theme you’ve finally accepted as an unalterable element of your personal style? Drop me a line and let me know!

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