What has two thumbs (one not pictured) and a duty-free priced bottle of Creme de la Mer Oil Absorbing Lotion (not Tonic)?

This girl.


Huge kudos to the folks at The Loop who were incredibly helpful in getting this sorted out for me after the mistake made during purchase. I called this morning, and was told there was absolutely no problem, and that I had 45 days from purchase to make my exchange. I could post it to them with my contact details, and they would call me upon receipt and arrange payment for the balance by phone and then post out my replacement to me, or I could come in and do the swap there.

Not fancying the chances of the bottle getting bashed around by post on the way to them, or the liklihood of a €200 bottle of face-cream disappearing from non-registered post on the way to me, I elected to pop in to them this evening to make the exchange. It was swift and painless, and we were able to park almost at the door in the Short Term A carpark, then skip in and right out again. I suppose I could have hung onto the other one and bought this in BTs, but there’s something like €35 in the difference between retail and duty free prices! Also I’m quite happy to stick with the Clique toner I use currently, as it’s far cheaper than the CdlM offering. This moisturiser is totally worth its price, though, because it really does good things for my skin and I don’t want to have to stop using it. I was glad I was able to get it at a better price than full retail…!

All in all, I had a really great experience with customer service at The Loop and would definitely recommend them for the future.

Have you ever had a duty free disaster? Are you a Creme de la Mer fan? Drop me a line and let me know!

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