Following up my intro to my trip to Gran Canaria, here’s a little write up of my experience of it! Because I have so many images to share, I decided to split up my recap into a few different posts which will be showing up over the coming days. For now, here’s part one:




Here you can see the approach into the island from the air, the little bus that ferries you from the plane to the terminal, and the drive to Puerto Rico. Las Palmas airport is kind of weird in that the planes stop taxiing miles away from the airport, and you have to travel the rest of the way by bus, but fortunately they’re pretty quick! Once you’re off the plane-bus, it’s a quick trip through security, baggage claim, and onto the bus to the resort! As you can see, it was windy while we were travelling.

I can never get over how blue the sea and skies are once you get away from Ireland and the horrible thick grey cloud that hangs over it so much of the year…

Are you a blue-sky lover, or do you enjoy atmospheric storms and rainclouds? Drop me a line and let me know!

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