Following on from part one of my trip to Gran Canaria recap, here’s part two:



Puerto Rico isn’t exactly a hub of buzzing highbrow entertainment, but we had a good time nonetheless! The main attraction there is the Shopping Center, which you can see in the first photo. The next photo is of a really cool car that seems to be parked there every day, and on a daily basis, people were stopping to take photos of/with it. Even the seats have the same awesome skull-print as the paintwork. It was awesome!

The second row shows the resort at night, and some delightful drinks we got down in a dance bar down by the seaside in front of the Porto Novo apartments. They do dancing and delightful sparkly drinks– and like most people, seem to be convinced we’re Scandinavian rather than Irish.

The final two pictures are of the night act at the bar between the shopping center and the park. This guy was pretty impressive– first he juggled all manner of things, and then he got up on a unicycle… Can you call it a unicycle when it’s three wheels stacked on top of another? I’m not sure, but I think ultimately what I would call it is bloody difficult to ride. We were suitably impressed!

Personally, I was also very impressed by the fact that most of the folks out at night were retired couples, but they were big into their dancing. I’d like to say I hope I’m able to twist and jive into my seventies, but I can’t even do that now…

Are you looking for exciting cultural entertainment when you go on holidays, or do you just like to relax with a cocktail and have a little boogie? Drop me a line and let me know!

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