Happy Easter, boys and girls! Today Mummy will be cooking fabulous roast lamb and we shall be feasting like piglets. It reminded me, though, that I never shared this awesome photo that I took at Kildare Village Outlets some weeks ago in the Lily O’Brien pop up store there:


If you think that looks like an eight-foot egg made of chocolate, you would be entirely correct. I’m not sure even I could eat all that much, but apparently people had been trying, hence the fact that it’s now behind protective glass! It’s also been covered with a melt-protecting coating which, according to the salesguy, tastes terrible– not that it put people off; I could see little bitemarks around the rim!

Since I couldn’t fit that one into the car, I settled for the more modest version:


Chocolate orange– yum. When you bought two, you got a box of chocolates for €5 that’s usually €10, which isn’t bad at all. (I scoffed those pretty sharpish, though.) Hope everyone’s having a lovely day filled with delightful treats!

Are you an Easter egg fiend, or does the thought of all that chocolatey indulgence make you queasy? Do you have any diet tips for me to start back with on Monday? Drop me a line and let me know!

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