Continuing one from part two of my recap of my break in Gran Canaria, today’s part three is going to be all about:



It wouldn’t be a true holiday experience for us without visiting a spa, and the Thalasso Spa at the Gloria Palace Amadores is a really excellent one. It’s basically a giant bath of body-temperature saltwater with lots of jets and alcoves and waterfalls to beat your aches and pains away. It definitely soothed our woes– and also our sunburn, so at only €23 entry, it’s more than worth its price! I don’t have any pics of the spa proper because it would be a bit weird to go around taking photos of people in their swimming costumes, but trust me when I say it’s gorgeous, and you can hang out in the blissful warm water and watch the sea through the glass windows… Well, you could if you weren’t short-sighted and had to surrender your glasses before getting into the pool! All I saw was a fuzzy blue line, but even so, I knew it was the sea, and that was pleasant in itself.

The spa is situated in a gorgeous hotel built into the side of a mountain, as you can see up there. The hotel is, internally, kind of a triumph of design (I’m in love with that staircase). One wall is pretty much entirely glass, and you can see for so far that you can actually see the curvature of the Earth along the water (though sadly, I don’t think my photos captured this). If you get the chance to visit it, I would absolutely recommend it, as much for the building and views as anything else– I doubly recommend the cliff walk back to Puerto Rico that you can see in the final photo. Probably not the thing for people overwhelmed by heights or vast expanses of sea, but otherwise it’s an absolute stunner.

Are you a spa fiend like me, or do you prefer less lazy holiday pleasures? Drop me a line and let me know!


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