I posted previously about picking up the Holly Sharpe Limited Edition Face Palette from M&S Dundrum recently. I’ve had a bit of time to play with this now, and I’ve done some swatches and taken some photos.


The photos of my arm and the shadows in the palette were taken at pretty much the same time and in the same light, so it’s a pretty fair comparison, and I’ve linked them up as best I could so you can see the colour in the pan versus on my arm. Sadly, I’m a little disappointed with how this one worked out. As is pretty obvious, some of the colours have way better colour payoff than others, and I’ve put on three or four layers of colours in most cases.

Best: the dark blue in the top row, the lime and dark green in the middle row, the bronze in the bottom row.
Worst: the gold, silver, and black in the top row, the lilac in the middle row, the gold in the bottom row.

They don’t have the lasting power as I’d have liked, either, which is very disappointing as all of these are gorgeous colours. Still, you have to consider that you get 18 shadows for €16, so that’s less than €1 per shadow. That’s not even counting the little bonus blushers and lip glosses and things. (The glosses are pretty great, incidentally; non-sticky and with a lovely variety of colours– including two really lovely pinks.) That’s not bad value, especially since it gives you a chance to try out a broader range of colours without spending too much.

I think I’ll play around with this one for a while and work out which colours I use the most, then seek out the same colours with Urban Decay or a similar brand. I have to say, though, I am a little saddened, because I was really looking forward to having a such a small, tidy palette with so many different colours. Still, it’s always good to try things out,  and I’m still glad to have the opportunity to test different colours for a smaller outlay, and see what works for me. Hopefully with a little primer, I can get them to last a bit longer for actual eye wear.

Have you tried this product? Do you love palettes with a broad range of colours? Do you have a suggestion for a similar product with better colour payoff? Drop me a line and let me know!

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