I’m going to open this write-up with what I said once I’d tried this product on: WOW.


Catrice’s “Made To Stay Highlighter Pen” is basically what’s been missing from my life (and my face), and I didn’t even know it. As soon as it was applied, my cheekbones just about jumped off my face. To make sure it wasn’t a fluke, I tried it on my collarbones to delightedly discover it had the same effect.

I had previously tried Benefit’s “Watt’s Up”, and though I loved the formulation and super cute packaging, it didn’t work for me. The stick was too big (I’m 5’4, so I have a pretty small face), and the colour was all wrong. The tone difference was so great that any time I tried to wear it without lots of foundation, it looked like I had painted stripes on my face, and efforts to blend it left me needing to rub virtually all of it off to avoid impersonating a fabulous zebra.

Not so with this stuff. If you like your highlighters large enough to allow for quick, random-flash application, this may not be for you: the stick is quite small, less than a centimeter in diameter. If, however, you prefer precision application, then this might be your new best friend. The other brilliant thing about it? The colour.

There were three colours available, although sadly whoever had applied the labels seems to have done it arseways, because I noticed two different names on different sticks of what was definitely the same colour. Consequently, I’m not sure which one I ended up with, but I believe it’s “Eye Need”. What I will say, though, is that I now credit this product for finally telling me whether I have pink-toned or yellow-toned skin: it’s yellow. The pink-toned stick looked exactly like the Benefit one did on me. The stronger yellow one was better, but it didn’t work, either. This sort-of-champagne-y one, though? Perfect.

It also has excellent staying power, and even after much of it has rubbed off, it still gives a gentle, subtle glow.

I cannot get over the difference a small amount of this product makes. I’ve tried plenty of highlighters before, and only one has ever had the same impact on me: a beautiful Versace powder that I bought in Harvey Nichols about eight years ago, which I’m pretty sure has been quite thoroughly discontinued. In addition to being discontinued, that one also cost the blue earth, and came in a huge (but very beautiful) gold box, so I am DELIGHTED to find a replacement that’s affordable, portable, and available!

Two tiny niggles: it’s not especially buildable (in the photo above, the lower swatch has two passes of colour, the top one about four), and it’s not as easy to blend as other offerings like the Benefit one I mentioned earlier. You have to blend it right after application, because it dries out quickly on account of that “Made To Stay” element. Despite that, though, I would absolutely recommend this product, and will certainly be buying it again in the future.

Have you tried these highlighters before? Have you struggled with identifying whether your skin tone tends towards pink or yellow? Are you excited about recent replacements you’ve discovered for beloved discontinued items? Drop me a line and let me know!

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