Okay, folks: today I have a question. When you’re going travelling, do you bring full-size products along with you, or do you decant them into little tiny travel bottles?

I’d really love to know where people stand on this! I’ve been thinking a lot about this since my last post, both because of my recent travel adventure and the fact that I’m getting ready for another trip in the near future (more on that soon). Although I can’t seem to pack light anymore and leave behind the products I use at home, I feel like I can at least pack smart, and save myself the hassle, weight, and worry of bringing full-size items with me. This is my skincare travel kit these days:

A mix of old recycled trial-size bottles and bought containers from Boots and Muji, all of this weighs less than a pound. If I were to take away the full-size versions of each of these products, it would take up about a third of my baggage allowance! I can’t bring myself to do that when I know I could use that extra weight for another pair of trousers or some shoes– not to mention the fact that I think this way is a lot safer.

If someone breaks into your bags, it’s not as easy to recognise items of high value as quickly as it is when they’re in their proper packaging. If your stuff is swiped, you’ve lost less of it– and in the case of products like Creme de la Mer, the financial difference between losing 15ml of something and losing 100ml of it is pretty significant. Lastly, if your bags end up getting smashed, there’s less product in there to spill all over your clothes. (I always pack my liquids in a giant ziplock baggie within a waterproof travel bag, but still.)

However, a couple of people have mentioned that they think this habit of mine is absolutely bonkers and that it’s fiddly and time-consuming and exposes the product to the air and makes you look like militant nutcase. All valid concerns, of course, and I can’t dispute them, but I do still think it’s worth the effort… Though now I’m wondering what other people think.

Do you love your little miniature pots like me? Do you haul your full-size products with pride? Do you cheat and buy whatever official minis you can find, but bring full-size items for everything else? Hit the poll above, or drop me a line and let me know!


  1. Posted May 20, 2014 at 23:59 | Permalink | Reply

    Teeny tiny pots of essentials to travel with because they’re the best. They look adorable. Then, if I’m going to be away for a while, I buy big bottles of whatever I need out there, and leave the remains (or ‘donate’ to the hotel) to come home. Simple.

    • Posted May 21, 2014 at 00:49 | Permalink | Reply

      I do exactly the same thing. My mother thinks it’s crazy to leave behind things, but the simple fact is that I know what my suitcase weighs and there’s only room for a very small amount of extras on the way home! I always hope the hotel maids keep them for themselves.

      Thanks for commenting! x

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