Yet another recent visit to Dundrum has seen me burdened down with yet more sale items. M&S are swiftly becoming one of my favourite retailers this year; their sales have been early and excellent, and their range has been pretty damn good, too. I usually wait for the end-of-summer sales to pick up summery bits and pieces for holidays/next year, but M&S have actually been discounting their summer stock from mid-April this year! Here’s what I picked up last time:


Mermaid style leggings, €17


Grey Jumper €34


White jumper €34


White T-shirt €17

Images from M&S.com, because I quite stupidly deleted the photos off my phone right after I took them! That’ll teach me not to check whether or not I need things before trying to free up space, but my phone is old and cluttered with crap, so I started with the most recent things instead of older ones thinking I’d know if I needed the recent ones…!

I’m very fond of all of these buys for summer. I’ve been waiting some light-coloured, light-weight sweaters for a while now, and I think these two are just the ticket for throwing on in cool summer evenings. The T-shirt is very similar to a black one I got here a while ago; although a little bit large, it hangs really well and gives a really cute look. I’m especially happy with the leggings– I’d seen some similar ones on Black Milk before, but they were a) out of stock, and b) very expensive. These are a little more toned-down and thus more wearble for me, too, so I was delighted to get them, and I expect these will get a lot of wear over the coming months!

Do you have a new preferred retailer creeping up the ranks of your affections? Have you bought any of these items? Are you waiting for the end-of-summer-sales to stock up for next year? Drop me a line and let me know!

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