I bought this a little while ago, but never got around to doing a write up on it. Inglot is a brand that’s doing gangbusters in Ireland at the moment, and it’s easy to understand why: it’s new, it’s different, their quality is good, their price is good, and their range is excellent. You can get almost anything you’re looking for with Inglot, though this their AMC White Highlighting Powder is one of my recent favourites.


First thing’s first: I’m pale. I’m really, really pale. Ghostly. And I don’t wear bronzer. And I rarely have a tan. So. For me? White powder: basically foundation. Lightly blended, this gives me a gentle, glowing highlight. What I like about this stuff is that it’s not at all shimmery; it’s a matte white, but somehow manages to give a light glow without any actual light reflection, which is something I adore. It’s lightweight, too, and my skin doesn’t feel heavy or clogged when I’m wearing it.


Top swatch is three or four passes of colour, not blended. Swatch below is two light swipes, blended. This powder blends incredibly easily, and gives a really pretty non-shimmery glow.

I’m working though my pot of this at a fairly unusual rate for me, because I like to use a lot of it (hopefully nobody will take my photo with a flash when I’m wearing it, lest I scare small children or look like I’ve been trying to bathe in talcum powder), and I would definitely recommend it to everyone… Well. Everyone with pale skin, anyway. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the price of this one, and Ingot don’t list them online, but so far as I can recall, it was in the €20 bracket.

Are you an Ingot fan? Do you brave white powder? Do you live in permanent terror of someone taking your picture while you’re wearing it? Drop me a line and let me know!

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