Another visit to Dundrum today to pick up some bits and pieces for a friend’s impending visit! Had to get some things to make sure her bedroom is cosy enough– I haven’t had anyone to stay with me in ages.

ootd-03 Sweater: Mulberry
Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger
T-Shirt: Dunnes
Scarf: Hermes
Boots: Ugg

This is the sweater that I picked up in Kildare Outlets a while ago, and the first time I’ve worn it. I absolutely love how it looks, but my god, I ought to have washed the damn thing before wearing it over a black t-shirt. There are little bits of grey fluff EVERYWHERE. A few minutes with the lint roller sorted out my problem and restored my t-shirt to (reasonable) good health, but there’s nothing that irks me more than clothes that put fluffies on other clothes…! It’s probably my own fault, since I’m prone to wearing warm, grey things –the guiltiest of culprits in this crime– but it’s still a right pain in the backside. I shall have to wash it alone and flush the washing machine afterwards to prevent it from happening again!

Are you plagued by fluff? Do you have any fluff-prevention techniques you’d like to share? Do you just not buy things that shed, or do you just not notice? Drop me a line and let me know!


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