Well, it’s been an exciting month for me! Apologies for being so in-and-out on the blog lately, but I’ve had a really full plate. Apart from another trip to Gran Canaria, one of my oldest friends from the US came to stay with me for a while– and then on the day she left, my relatives from England arrived! I’ve had a fun time running around, though I haven’t exactly had a lot of sleep in the last couple of weeks. I’m hoping to rectify that later in the week– but first, I feel like I should catch up on my blogging…

My phone has been acting up ever since I tried to clear up a few GB of space for new photos, and apparently half the photos I subsequently took lately didn’t even save. I’m hugely disappointed by this, although most of them weren’t for the blog anyway, apart from a few OOTDs I would have liked to have posted. I do have some things to share, though, since having out of town visitors always means going to lovely new places! Here’s where I’ve been recently:


The Restaurant at Brown Thomas, Dublin

The best chocolate ice cream I’ve ever had in my life, no exceptions. Paper-thin layers of chocolate woven into the creamiest ice-cream I’ve ever tasted– it cannot be beaten.


monaghan1Concra Wood Golf Club, Monaghan

The staff are amazing, their garlic potatoes are superb, and the views are beautiful.



wicklow2Wicklow Golf Club, Wicklow

It has the most gorgeous seaside location, and their food is ridiculously beautifully presented.

Have you been anywhere interesting lately? Have you visited any of these places? Hell– have you been getting enough sleep? Drop me a line and let me know!

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