Ever since I broke my beloved plastic eyelash curlers last year, I’ve been on the hunt for something to replace them with. I don’t trust traditional eyelash curlers: the idea of putting a piece of metal designed to bend things right against my eyeball seems to me to be something of a terrible idea. I’m one of those people who finds it impossible to watch someone taking out their contacts, much less watch an eye-torturing scene in a movie– which is exactly what I feel like I’m letting myself in for every time I bring a metal eyelash curler near my eye. So, for me? Plastic is the only way to go. Unfortunately, getting full-body plastic eyelash curlers in Ireland is harder than… Well, than getting anything that’s reasonably priced. (I’ll have a rant about Amazon US versus Amazon UK coming soon, so stay tuned for that. Anyway, back to eyelash curlers:)

The replacement I have (finally) sourced is incredible: it ticks every box. It’s plastic, it’s tiny, it’s replaceable, and it wasn’t Earth-shatteringly expensive.


This beauty is from Laura Mercier, and will set you back about €16. Laura Mercier have counters in both Brown Thomas and Harvey Nichols, and I can definitely recommend it. It’s the most portable eyelash curler I’ve seen, and it works incredibly well: it curls lashes quickly, and without needing intense pressure. It also works well enough that even the next day, there’s a hint of curl left, so you can be pretty confident that it’ll last for the duration of your day or evening. I can definitely recommend it– so much so that I feel like I need to pick up a spare for in case anything happens to mine!

Do you have a favourite eyelash curler? So you trust the terrifying metal kind? Have you used this product?  Drop me a line and let me know.

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