I’ve been a dirty lazy slacker recently, and not painting my nails at all! Granted, that was mostly because I’d trimmed them down to stubs a while ago owing to a terrible disaster involving a door and a lot of screaming, but now they’re growing back, and it would be a shame not to dip into my beautiful nailpolish collection and do something interesting with them! This is what I’m rocking right now:


This one was achieved with Claire’s Accessories “Grey Day” (getting grey polish is a lot harder than you might imagine) with Barry M Black & White graffiti over the top. I’m a big fan of budget polishes, because unlike with skincare and makeup, I find there’s no real difference in quality between the higher-end polishes and the cheaper ones. Maybe I’m just too hard on my hands (I wash my hands a lot, I’m a tapper, and I type thousands of words daily), but I find that no matter what I pay for polish, it starts chipping and flaking within a day or two– sometimes even before the end of the day I apply it! So, I go for the budget option, because I like having lots of colour and texture choices, and I’d bankrupt myself trying to have them in the more expensive ranges.

Claire’s actually do a great range of colours, and their quality is surprisingly impressive. Likewise, Barry M (which you can find in most Boots) have a superb range, and their textures and toppers are hard to beat for the price. I love this look, because it’s so neutral that I can wear just about anything with it, which is always my concern with nailpolish– I hate when it clashes with my clothes!

Are you a colour clasher? Do you prefer high-end polishes, or budget offerings? What do you think of the glitter or graffiti topcoat? Drop me a line and let me know!

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    So cool

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