Well, it’s finally happened: the needle has swung, and I find I’m now doing more of my shopping in Lidl than Tesco. Since my diet has shifted, I haven’t found myself as tied to Tesco since I’m buying fewer processed products (bread, coleslaw, etc.) and more whole products like spinach, apples, etc. I started shopping there because it was cheaper, to be honest– who doesn’t like to come home with a little more in their wallet?

The funny thing is, although I came for the prices, I stayed for the quality.

Both my aunt and my mother have long proselytised on the virtues of Lidl’s fresh produce, but to tell the truth, I hadn’t really noticed a difference until I was stuck in the house for two weeks in a row without being able to go shopping. The first week, I had Tesco fruit and veg; the second week I had Lidl. It wasn’t intended to be a comparison test, but it kind of worked out that way, and the result were a little staggering: only the Lidl fruit and veg remained fresh all week in the fridge. This included the bag of spinach (which was also in far better condition at purchase than the comparison)– and if you buy spinach regularly, you’ll know that’s nothing short of a miracle. The carrots stood up really well, too, as did the apples, the tomatoes, and the spring onions.

I can’t cut out my Tesco shop completely; there are some food products Lidl doesn’t stock (the marinated salmon fillets I like, individually wrapped chicken breasts, pine nuts of any kind, and my favourite yoghurts, to name a few). Along with some household staples (like heavy-duty kitchen roll, freezer bags, washing-up liquid) where I’m particular about certain brands, I’ll need to continue to head back to Tesco in Dundrum occasionally. That said, I’m pretty sure I can switch my Tesco shops to once-a-fortnight, or even once a month– and cut my costs, too. This will also serve the fabulous purpose of keeping me out of dangerous places like Boots and House of Fraser With the release of that gorgeous Charlotte Tilsbury range looming large, I’m trying to save all I can…

Where do you do your shopping? Have you made any changes to your grocery habits lately? Are you saving up for anything special? Drop me a line and let me know!

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