Sporting summer spots today! I’ve done these on both my fingers and my toes for maximum dotty delight.


I’m quite pleased with how this turned out– but of course, as ever, my right hand isn’t quite as good as my left. Such is the curse of being nearly ambidextrous…!

I’ve used Rimmel 60 Seconds in “White Hot Love” as the base, and before you ask: yes, I had to use several coats. This is actually four, though you could possibly get away with three if you’re not obsessed with having a fully opaque look.

The black spots were created using a slim-tip nail art pen. This was a gift from my lovely friend Regan, and you can find them here. If you’ve got a steady hand, the slim-tip ones are better than than the thicker tips, I find, because you can do both skinny and thick dots or lines depending on how much you squeeze the bottle.

A dot-drawing tip: start with a line of dots diagonally across the middle of your nail from tip to cuticle. Then dot in the line above, positioning each dot in the middle between the dots on the previous line. Continue to the tip, then do the same to the lower half of the nail– or don’t; a half-and-half look works amazingly on longer nails. If you’re really brave, and possess both long nails and a steady hand, a halftone pattern looks ridiculously fantastic.

Are you dotty for nail art? Do you prefer the classic single-colour look? Do you have an application tip for me? Drop me a line and let me know!

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