Well, guess who fell off the face of the Earth for a while? If you guessed me, you  were 100% correct. If you’ve forgotten entirely who I am? That’s okay, too. I could pretend I had all kinds of legitimate excuses, but the truth is that I simply fell out of the habit of daily blogging while I was on holiday, and picking it back up again once I came home has been more difficult than it has any real right to be.

One semi-valid excuse I do have is that my poor bathroom mirror was broken in an unfortunate incident, so until I can get that replaced, all my OOTDs will have to be taken in my building’s passenger elevator. Alas, despite being a very small building, the lift seems to be in near-constant use, especially in the mornings (you know, when you’re most likely to be heading out and wanting to snap a quick outfit photo for your blog).

As a result, most of my photos have ended up a bit like this one:


I was trying to take this in an extreme hurry because I could hear the voices of people waiting below as the elevator descended. Of course, this resulted in not only the photo being blurry, but also in my neighbour catching me in the act of self-photography, and giving me the strangest look. No doubt he thinks I’m a complete lunatic now, but such is the price we pay for vanity selfies.

It isn’t quite good enough quality for an OOTD, but I’m including the photo anyway because you can still see my super funky black-and-white leather gloves, which were kind of the focus of my outfit. They’re from Oasis, which is probably my favourite of the more reasonably-priced (as opposed to, say, Karen Millen), youth-focused (versus somewhere like M&S) high street shops, and I find myself picking up quite a few bits and pieces there.

What high street shops are your top picks? What horrors have you endured in an effort to create material for your blog? What awesome things have I missed while I was away? Drop me a line and let me know!

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