There are people in this world who will argue that Winter doesn’t begin until December, and that Spring starts in March, but those people are those deluded enough to believe there are actually four seasons in Ireland. There aren’t. There are two seasons: Guarantee Of Rain season, and Chance Of Rain season, the latter lasting for about six weeks sometime in July and August, the former lasting forever and ever and ever.

In case it isn’t already apparent, I should probably confess at this point that I hate wet weather. And cold weather. And pretty much any kind of weather that isn’t 23C and sunny. I’m simply not built for Ireland’s seasons– I usually want to put the heating on in September, and between October and May, I more or less live in Ugg boots and an Under Armour thermal shirt. Even indoors, with the heating on. Even then, my hands are always cold.

But one of the worst things about winter, to me, is that it means I always have to blowdry my hair. During the “summer”, I blast the drippyness out of it and then let it dry naturally… But that takes about two hours because of the length of my hair, and there’s no way I’m going around with a cold, wet head for two hours at this time of year.

The solution?


Use a good Heat Defense Spray.

This year, I’m loving Toni & Guy’s Heat Protection Mist. The spray mechanism is sturdy enough that I don’t worry it’ll give out before my supply does, and the scent is gorgeous. Priced at around €9, there are far cheaper alternatives out there, but if haircare is important to you, this isn’t a bad investment. It’s non-sticky and lightweight, left my hair feeling silky and smooth (though no less prone to tangling than usual), and I didn’t stress (like I usually would) about blow-drying every last drop of damp out of my hair.

The bottle is a on the small side, so I’m not sure how long this is going to last for… But if it continues to protect my hair from the (heating) elements, I think I’ll probably be repurchasing.

Are you a winter-hater, too? Have you tried this product? Do you have an alternative heat protection product to recommend? Drop me a line and let me know!


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