You might remember my previous posts about my pursuit of the perfect pink lipstick. Well, we’ve got another contender:


L’Oreal’s Exclusive Nudes Collection in Doutzen’s nude. Apparently, this is another damned limited edition (which is infuriating– “The perfect shade for every skintone… But only for five minutes!”), but the colour is so pretty I just couldn’t resist. I’m actually not sure if it’s an LE or not, because some sites are calling it Limited and others are calling it Exclusive, so whether this is going to disappear soon or not is open to debate. According to Vogue, though, they’ve been available since September last year, and that doesn’t sound very limited to me.

Either way, the colour is a soft, gentle pink in a really lovely formulation, this has good coverage without looking too thick or cakey. As this is from L’Oreal’s Brand Ambassador range and it suits me just perfect, I wanted to take a look at images of the ambassador and see if her skin tone/colouring matched my own. Word of advice– be very careful what you Google when it involves the word “nude” and the name of a model.


Obviously, I don’t look like this (I wish did, but no). However, are similarities– grey-toned eyes, dark blonde hair, pale-but-yellow toned skin. So it makes sense that this particular pink would work for me. If you have similar colouring and you’ve been looking for a new pink, you might want to give this one a try… But if you’re looking to pick it up, you might want to hurry, as this might not be sticking around for too long.

Do you know for sure if this is limited or not? Have you tried this range? What’s your perfect nude lipstick? Drop me a line and let me know!


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