As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve recently taken to using Garnier Micellar Water– me and everyone else on the planet, right? There’s a reason this stuff is taking the beauty world by storm, though.


Available in Boots –and, even better, Tesco– for about €6.50, this stuff is a wonder in a bottle. It’s a big bottle, too: the manufacturers claim you get 200 uses out of it (probably not if you have to use half of it on a chemical burned face), and while that might be pushing it, there’s certainly a healthy dose of it for your money.

I’ve never been a fan of face wipes. I’ve always felt they left my skin feeling dried out and crappy, but I understand why the convenience of them appeals to some people. The notion of something that is just as easy but which is better for your skin is even more appealing, so I decided to give this stuff a try.

I haven’t been sorry I did. Apart from a mad urge to call it “micellular water” (I can’t seem to shake this, so I hope admitting to my shame in public will make me remember to call it by its proper name: micellar, micellar, micellar-– God, I sound like Hermione now), I have no problems.

It’s slightly foamy, which is odd, but there’s no discernible scent and my skin doesn’t feel dried out after using it. It does a super job of taking off makeup (even my beloved unshiftable Clinique Lash Power mascara), and is a great first step in a two step cleansing routine.

I would absolutely recommend this; I admit that I haven’t tried any of the pricier options, but considering how well this works, I don’t feel the need to. This one is definitely going to be a repurchase, whenever I run out.

Have you tried micellar water? Do you like this product, or should I be reconsidering my stance on the pricier options? Do you have any other cleansing suggestions for me? Drop me a line and let me know!


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