Another day, another sad elevator photo! I tried to repair my mirror, but I don’t seem to be particularly skilled with spray glue– instead of sticking the mirror to the frame, I ended up sticking my hair to the frame and the mirror to the carpet. Will try again with different glue another day! Until then, you get another elevator pic:

ootd13 Jacket: Vintage
Scarf: Hermes
Shirt: Primark
Jumper: M&S
Bag: Baleciaga
Pants: Under Armor
Boots: UGG

Heading off to Dundrum in this one, as you can probably tell by the lack of thermals and shawls! Wearing all my blues here as I wanted to match a blue ring I just got back from resizing. You can’t see it, but I’m also wearing a watch with a blue dial, blue earrings, and a blue stone bracelet. This gorgeous electric shade is one of my favourites, and I love how slouchy and easy to wear this bag is. The sweater was a snip in the M&S sale, and the colour goes perfectly with this gorgeous Hermes scarf that my mother bought me for Christmas a few years ago.

Do you colour-match your accessories to your outfits? What colours are you loving right now? Are you a fan of colour-matching, or is it all just a bit too twee for you? Drop me a line and let me know!



  1. Shygirl
    Posted November 18, 2014 at 20:20 | Permalink | Reply

    I either love to be all matching colours, or completely clashing colours. No half way down the middle for me!

    • Posted November 19, 2014 at 07:28 | Permalink | Reply

      I can’t really do clashing– it never feels right to me! I’m always very safe/dull in my fashion choices, I think. I mean, I like it, but I can see how others might find it a bit too boring. Do you like patterns?

      • Shygirl
        Posted November 19, 2014 at 10:06 | Permalink | Reply

        I love patterns! I love polka dots, hearts, animal prints, houndstooth and check.

        • Posted November 19, 2014 at 19:10 | Permalink | Reply

          I actually am a sucker for polka dots myself, I confess. I don’t mind little prints, but big patterns scare me!

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