As I mentioned in my last post, I’m a December Baby, so I’ve got a birthday coming up soon… And the suspense is killing me. I already know what I’m getting, but there’s a difference between knowing and having! (Although I have admittedly gotten my grubby little hands on one or two of my pressies already, like the computer I’m writing this on right now… Oops.)

So, until the rest of my beauties show up, let’s talk wishlists. I might be the only one with an impending birthday– but Christmas is, as we all know, right around the corner, so I think wishlists are on the minds and in the hearts of every boy and girl at this time of year. Here’s what I wouldn’t say no to if it showed up wrapped on my doorstep:

#1 A Navy Birkin

eva-birkin Modelled here by the impeccably stylish Eva Longoria, a navy Birkin is the one thing I wanted this year which never materliaised. To be fair, the lovely Hermes in town did get in a Birkin for me, and in the size I wanted, but the colour was wrong– it was way too much of a green-blue rather than a true navy. Apparently, getting a navy Birkin (especially in the smaller sizes) out of the workshop in Paris is harder than getting blood out of a stone.

Hermes, for me, has to be perfect to be worth it, so I passed on the lovely blue-green bag because it quite simply wouldn’t have gone with anything in my wardrobe. I would have been buying it just because it was a Birkin; it would have clashed horribly with everything I own and not looked right at all. So, I let it go on to some other Hermes hopeful, and I’m still waiting for my navy ship to come in. Not before this birthday, I suspect, but I live in hope that some day it will arrive…!

#2 These Charlotte Tilbury “Face(s) in a Box”

charlotteI’m so impressed by the face in a box concept that it makes me lose the ability to can. Yes, the prices are terrifying, but it’s high-end makeup, and you can also use the individual items for different looks in addition to the one perscribed by the designer, obviously. My three picks are the those above. Some of the others are gorgeous, but they all seem to require application of copious quantities of bronzer, and that doesn’t fly with me. I don’t look like myself when I use it, but worse: when I use it, all my scarves and tops don’t look clean. I’m happy to stick with the pale-and-interesting faces, thanks. I need these in my life; why haven’t I got them yet?!

#3 A Diamond Cartier LOVE Bracelet


If you’ve got the $50k, I’ve got the wrist! What– a girl can dream, can’t she?! Actually, being honest: while I love the concept of the LOVE collection (it’s so romantic and cute), the practicality of it is a little different. What if you’re mugged? What if you have to go through a metal detector? What if it just keeps banging off your bloody laptop while you’re trying to type something? There is a cuff version which is considerably more affordable and practical, so maybe I can get my hands (or wrist) on one of those some day for real. I still think the piece above is the prettiest in the collection, though, and if you can afford $50k for a bracelet, you can probably afford a 24/7 butler to accompany you with the screwdriver to remove it as necessary…!


#4 These Plum Coloured UGG Boots


They don’t sell this colour in Ireland, which makes me very sad. Perhaps I shall order them from the US though Nordstrom after Christmas. There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell would I try to order something from the US at this time of year– the last time I did that, a couple of years ago, my parcel showed up in March. March. It had been to several destinations within both Europe and Ireland itself, and looked as though somebody had been using it for a football. Fortunately it wasn’t anything fragile, but the experience left a bad taste in my mouth, and now I just don’t order anything from outside the country between mid-November and mid-January. It’s just safer that way.


#5 Blue Skies & Sandy Beaches


Okay, while it might be difficult to wrap this up, you could always print out hotel and flight reservations and put them in an envelope made of wrapping paper, right? The miserable Irish winter weather (boo, hiss) is depressing as all hell, and I would love an excuse to go somewhere warm and sunny and ditch the winter woolies for a couple of weeks. Or months. Or until all this “winter” nonsense blows over, basically. I am a tiny bit concerned with travelling due to the ongoing Ebola problem, but if presented with a trip like this, I might be willing to change my mind…

What things are on your birthday or Christmas wish lists? Are you aching for winter to end? Do you have any fun purchases or trips coming up? Drop me a line and let me know!


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