Trying out some of the products which I picked up in Dundrum recently, and today we’ll be looking at the two Essie polishes: #88 Licorice and #293 Peak of Chic.


I’ve layered the glitter coat over the black here, and I’m pretty happy with how it looks. These polishes are actually pretty great. I haven’t used Essie for a while, and I’d forgotten how good the quality is.

The black one (#88) is liquid enough that it’s easy to apply thin coats, but still has enough colour that even with one coat, it didn’t look horribly watery and weak. The brush is nicely shaped, too; it has a gentle curve to the sides, but is slim enough that it doesn’t try to coat the whole nail, leaving room for the precision application I prefer. None of this hit-and-miss stuff for me; I like my nails to be properly coated, and I don’t like to get any on my fingers. With this brush, I managed pretty well and only had one slip– which was entirely my own fault, because I was distracted by the television.

The polish dried incredibly quickly, even after a second coat, and didn’t smudge while I was typing or even when I went to make juice, which involves a lot of water and scrubbing vegetables. I’m very impressed with it– so much so that it might very well knock my beloved Essence offering off the top spot for Best Black Polish. It is a little more expensive, but if the quality doesn’t deteriorate too quickly and it doesn’t get tacky and thick after a couple of uses, I’ll probably be repurchasing this.

My feelings on the glitter coat are a little more mixed. I have to admit, I’m not the best with these kind of filament glitter topcoats. It’s very easy to make mistakes and end up with huge splotches of glitter on one part of your nail and bare polish on the rest. Trying to even things out almost invariably ends in disaster, with two or three coats of glitter so thick you can barely see the base coat at all. That is a bit of a danger here… Although I think with a little practice, it could be avoided. As glitter topcoats go, this is definitely one of the better ones I’ve used– there’s enough clear mixer polish in there to prevent your glitter from looking too splotchy, although careful application is still required. The glitter itself is a mix of white strips and holographic ones, which makes for an interesting combination:


Gosh, my hands look red here! That’ll tell you what happens to my circulation in the cold, I suppose. I’m not built for this climate, damn it…! Anyway, back to topic: the mix of glitter is nice, and really stands out under bright lights. I like this, but I don’t know if I would repurchase– I expect that depends on how easily I can remove it later.

Overall, I like this look… But to be honest, I think plain, basic black will always be my preferred nailpolish look. This is fun for something different, but I prefer how the black looks when its on its own for every day. The real drawback is that the glitter coat is terribly, terribly rough and scratchy if you don’t apply a top coat (which I rarely do– I’m such a tapper and fiddler that polish never lasts more than a day or two with me, no matter what I do with it, so it seems wasteful to bother).

Both polishes were €10 in McCabes, but if you buy two from Boots online, they are the same price and you get three mini polishes as a free gift, which is nicer than a kick in the pants. I’ll definitely be looking at this brand in the future for adding to my ever-growing, slowly-spiraling-out-of-control nailpolish collection.

Do you like Essie polishes? How do you feel about glitter topcoats? Can you make your polish last or does it just walk right off your fingers like mine? Drop me a line and let me know!


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    […] as I might have liked. What I did like was how thin the polish was, and how quickly it dried. I’ve said before how much I like the brush with Essie polishes, and it goes double here– with a clear polish, […]

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