First review of the birthday goodies! Today we’re going to be taking a look at the beautiful Shu Uemura palette I put together myself to fill in the green-tinted gap in my makeup collection:


Shu Uemura offer 1-, 2-, and 4-pan palettes and a broad variety of colours to pop into them. As you can see above, I’ve picked out three greens and a pretty gold for highlight.


The palette comes empty as above, and each individual shadow comes in a very snug plastic container. I’d recommend holding on to those– that way, you can swap out shadows without having to buy another compact. They’re €11, which is not the end of the world at this level of product, but it would be nice to save it if you could. The shadows themselves are on the pricey end at €13, but they are good quality. Both those and the compact feel well-made, which is a positive because the compact has more moving components than is normal since they’re removable:


The inner part of the compact just slides out to the left, and you pop the shadows into it as you can see here. It’s all pretty painless, and there’s no sense of flimsiness from it, which is nice. I’d have been absolutely raging if I’d managed to break it while trying to install the shadows!


I love these colours. From left: #595 Dark Green, #495 Medium Olive, #472 Medium Olive, and #311 White Gold. Yes, both the colours in the middle are called Medium Olive. No, they are not in any way the same. The one closer to green is very matte, and the one closer to the gold is quite shimmery, but there’s quite a difference in colour, too.


This is indoors in natural light. You can see there’s quite a variation in colour between the two “Medium Olives”, and also in terms of formulation, too. The one on the left is much more matte, and the other has a nice shimmer to it. The dark green has a shimmer, too, but it’s far more subtle, and the gold is a straight up glitter effect.

shu4This is outdoors in natural light– or as close as I’m prepared to come to it with a bare arm in this weather! (I’m pressed against the window.) The dark green is nearly a black, the matte olive is what I would call a true olive colour, the shimmery olive is more of a gold-green, and the gold itself glitters nicely.

The gold glitter is actually the nicest pure glitter shadow I’ve ever had the chance to use; although it is essentially nothing but glitter, it applies just like a regular shadow, and there’s no feeling of grittiness or that it’s prone to fallout and dropping. The other shadows are lovely, too: creamy and intense, they go on easily and are reasonably long-wearing.

I’m very happy with this palette, and I’m delighted to have given it a try! Looking forward to creating some looks with it in the coming weeks, and that gold will go over just about anything.

Have you tried Shu Uemura eyeshadows? Do you love gold and green? Do you have other interchangeable palettes to recommend? Drop me a line and let me know!


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