2015 has begun, so let’s kick off the year as we intend to go on! Well, almost: I’m having my last bad day of “naughty Christmas eating” before the annual post-Christmas purge begins. As of tomorrow, I’m saying goodbye to cake and chocolate for a while, but today is New Year’s Day, which means some kind of big feast (and then dessert afterwards).

Blessedly, my Christmas bingeing hasn’t done too much damage to my skin (I shudder to think what it’s done to my weight, but that’s tomorrow’s problem). I think the reason for that is that over the Christmas period, I made a concerted effort to eat lots of vegetables and drink my magic juice (carrot, spinach, and apple). The other thing I think to have helped is the religious use of my new Clarisonic, which I’m going to talk about later in the month. It’s a little early to say as yet, but I think this is really keeping my skin stay healthy and looking good! I’ve also been using a new mask and night oil for the last week or two, which I think has also been doing me a few favours– I’m looking forward to talking about those, too.

I’m really excited about the new year: all the challenges and rewards it’s going to bring, and I’m looking forward to posting about them here. I just need to get my backside in gear and go take some pictures to accompany my write-ups!

What are you looking forward to about 2015? What do you have planning for the new year? What are you most excited about? Drop me a line and let me know!


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