Of my lovely birthday presents, I was probably most excited about ripping into the Charlotte Tilbury “Luxury Palette Colour Coded Eyeshadows”. I got two: Uptown Girl, and Rock Chick. I haven’t tried the latter, but I’ve just given the former a go, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out:


Yes, it’s subtle, but that’s partially because a) I don’t like to use a lot of product, and b) my skin is really, super pale. I watched the official tutorial on YouTube before trying this out, and I couldn’t quite get over the difference of how dark the product seemed on the model compared to on me.

Either way, I love it; I think it’s a great look. In the same vein as the Naked palettes but with just a hint more colour, this palette is champagneish, with a sort of plummy bronze tint to the darker colours:


You could easily add more of the darker colour to give it a bit more punch and depth, if you were so inclined. I prefer a gentler look (and a goofier expression), though, so I mostly stuck with #1 and #2, used #4 for a liner, and then completely ignored the official party line and used #3 with a brush all over my damn eye. (I might not be one for overdosing on colour, but I do like a bit of sparkle.)


I quite like this palette: the packaging is reassuringly sturdy, and the colours have nice payoff. I love the concept of the “faces”, where you can easily find a lip colour that matches your eye palette– or indeed a cheek colour, or an eyeliner, and where all the work is done for you. (I have, of course, paired a completely different lip colour and blush with this eye palette, though, because that is just how I roll).

Of course, these palettes are definitely on the pricey end of the spectrum (I think they’re around €45), so for that money, they’d want to be something special. Are they? Well– mostly. The shadows themselves are a really lovely formulation, and I encountered no fallout or dropdown when I was applying them. They go on easily, and blend beautifully– as well as anything else I’ve ever used. On the down side, I don’t think they really have quite the same staying power as something like the Urban Decay ones, which is a little disappointing. (In their defense, at least the palette is of a size that allows portability for touch-ups, which is more than can be said for the Nakeds.)

There is one other drawback to this line, and it’s a bit of a weird one. The product is only available in store at Brown Thomas (if, you know, you’re in Ireland), and by god, they’ve REALLY trained those folks to give you the hard sell. I mean, the hard sell, the “I’m sure you don’t need both those silly kidneys, this is an absolute must-have product, and it looks so good on you…!” sell. I picked up items on three different days with three different salespeople, and it was the same with all of them. They were all extremely nice and very good at the make-up artist side of their job, but I have the feeling that they’re under the impression that if they don’t shift massive volumes of product, they’ll be out on their ear. If you find the hard sell difficult to resist, you may want to bring cash to buy rather than dare use a card, because the temptation (and pressure) to over-spend is a little bit intense.

That said, I can see myself using this palette a lot. The “prime” colour (#1) is really gorgeous, and the glitter is particularly pretty. This will be a good one for taking away with me on holidays, or even just if I’m going to be having a long day where touch-ups might be required. The day-to-night aspect of the palette is a great one, although I suspect to really pull that off, you might have to haul around a slew of brushes with you, as well. Overall I’m giving this the thumbs up, and I’m looking forward to trying out the other palette. Rock Chick is kind of a more intense look than Uptown Girl anyway, so I suspect that one will turn out a little differently…

Are you a fan of the Charlotte Tilbury range? Have you tried the Uptown Girl palette? Or, like me, do you have that damn song stuck in your head after reading the words Uptown Girl so many times? Drop me a line and let me know!


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