It’s not the end of January yet, so I’m still hiding in whatever giant clothes I can get my hands one!

ootd13 Sweaterdress: Armani
Leggings: Marks & Spencer
Bag: Prada
Boots: UGG
Headband: Claire’s Accessories
Necklace: Vintage

This is a pretty boring outfit, so the key pieces are definitely the accessories– namely that cute feathered headband and the giant swirly necklace I’m wearing in place of a scarf today. The headband is from Claire’s, of all places, and I think it cost about €3? I love it so much, but it gives me a headache, so every single time I wear it, I take it off in the car on the way home. And then forget about it. There it languishes for months until I remember to bring it up again, and then I wear it out, and the cycle starts anew.

The necklace is a recent addition to my wardrobe; a gift from my aunt for helping her out with some computer woes she’d been having. Isn’t it pretty? I’m absolutely in love with it. I’m pretty sure it’s costume and it’s incredibly heavy on the neck, but it’s so pretty I’m going to wear it tons anyway!

What accessories are you loving at the moment? Do you have any recent fun additions to your wardrobe? Is there any piece in your wardrobe that you love but rarely wear because you keep misplacing it? Drop me a line and let me know!


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