I’m never quite sure what to make of Valentine’s Day. I’m so habituated to being single for it that I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a boyfriend for V-Day… But I can’t remember the last time that fact bothered me, either. Consequently, everyone else’s excitement or upset about the whole thing kind of passes me by. I don’t have anyone to buy me presents, or anyone to buy presents for, but I don’t feel sad or unhappy about that. Valentine’s day seems to split people into camps: those who are loved-up and delirious about it, and those who are single and miserable about it. But what if you don’t fall into either category…?

You can ignore the whole thing since it doesn’t apply to you (which is what I usually do)… Or, you can go ’round your mum’s for a nice meal and some brandy.  Which is what I did this year!


Dinner was delicious fillet steak with garlic butter, chunky chips, and a side of sauteed mushrooms and onions. For extra calorie points, we followed this with chocolate truffles and ice cream…!  You only live once, after all.  After dinner, we watched movies (and ate more truffles) and generally had a lovely time. The important thing, I think, is make sure you like the person you spend it with, whether it’s your partner, your family, or yourself. At the end of the day (this day, and every other), that’s the only thing that matters: not who you’re with or what role they occupy, but how much you like their company. You can like a boyfriend’s company, or a mum’s, or your own, or all of the above. There’s nothing wrong with any of those, so long as there’s love.

If you’re coupled up this Valentine’s, I hope you’ve had a nice time with your partner. If you’re single this Valentine’s, I hope you’ve had a nice time with yourself and whoever else you might (or might not) have chosen to spend the day with. I know I did.


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