I’ve been meaning to do a recommendation list for my top iPhone apps since I picked up my 6 Plus last year, but somehow I am only getting to it now! Rather than try to be original in listing obscure apps that people might not have heard of before I’d prefer to highlight the apps I absolutely can’t live without, the ones which I use multiple times on a daily basis. There’s a good chance you’ve heard of or installed these already, but just in case they’ve passed you by, here are three apps you really should consider adding to your iPhone if they’re not there already:


1. iCab Mobile
If I could only ever add one app to my phone, forever, it would be this one. Here’s why: using the internet on your phone feels a lot like going back to 2005 when the internet was slower and ads were everywhere… Until you install this baby. With built-in ad filters and the option to add custom filters like you can when using a computer, iCab brings the glorious, ad-free browsing to your phone.

It has a host of other great features, too, like customisable shortcuts, a great absolute full-screen mode, a really minimal interface, and the ability to create an account so you can synch content and preferences across devices (you can also run it on your iPad and computer, if you like). If you are a heavy web user on your phone, you will not regret the €2 you might spend on this app.

2. GMaps
Full disclosure: I don’t like Google. I don’t like their policies, their practices, or their ubiquity. I vastly prefer Apple, who are generally more careful with your data and your experience, as you are their customer, and not their product. Despite all of this, Google Maps is just infinitely better than Apple Maps. They have the experience and the data to make a superb mapping product, and that is exactly what they serve up for the low, low price of €0.

Google Maps is accurate, current, and has almost everything you’ll want to find on it. You can even save maps in advance for offline use now, which is possibly the best thing ever. So long as you turn off Google’s creepy and invasive tracking features, which isn’t at all hard to do, this is an app worth having.

3. GMail
As above, I have a lot of problems with GMail. As above, this does not prevent me from using their products when they outclass all other offerings in the field. GMail is one such product. Granted, it’s a little more cumbersome to use it as your primary app for push notification email since they turned that feature off for new devices, but there is a pretty doable workaround for that one.

I have a ton of GMail accounts from before Google’s policies became what they are, so changing to something else would be a pain in the backside. If you’re in the same boat, I do recommend this app when coupled with the workaround above. It’s an improvement over the built-in option that comes with the phone, so it’s worth your time.

The three apps above are the ones I really couldn’t live without, but there are a few others which should get an honourable mention. My Fitness Pal is a great weight/calorie tracker– their database is so exhaustive that most things are already available for selection to add to your daily food diary. Peak is a great Brain Training-style game that’s oodles of fun and annoyingly addictive. I’m also pretty fond of the Astraware Sudoku app, which saves me having to lug the paper version about.

I personally can’t be bothered with additional productivity tools; I find the build-in calendar and notes function handles more or less everything I need in terms of reminders and lists, and I’m not big into too many games (distracting) or social networking apps (data compromising), so these are the ones that get most of my time and attention… And my recommendation, as well.

What apps can you not live without? Are you an iPhone lover like me? Do you have any tech privacy tips you’d like to share? Drop me a line and let me know!


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