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Is there anything that puts the fear of god into the short-sighted population more than the onset of summer– aka sunglasses season? I want you to know, all of you blessed, lucky people who have not had the misfortune of being a carrying around a face-full of glass for the past twenty-odd years, that I don’t actually wish you any harm. Really, I don’t. I’m just a teensy bit jealous. Because while you’re all excitedly trying on glasses in Brown Thomas and flinging different €3 styles into your basket at Penneys so as to cover every available outfit or trend, I’m wearing the same pair of prescription shades for five or six years, trying to decrease the cost-per-wear so I don’t feel so heinously terrible about the price of them.


My prescription shades were bought in 2008 or 2009, and I love them dearly. I’m actually very fortunate, because neither my style nor my prescription changes that often, so I ended up getting a pair of giant Prada bug-eye ones (I don’t care if big glasses go out of fashion; I will wear my giant shades until the sun sets on me for good). I love them dearly, but they’re extremely heavy, and sometimes it would be nice to try something else for a change without having to wear contacts for the duration.

I’ve never been fond of contacts. I do dutifully carry a packet of them around with me when I go on holidays or when going to see a 3D movie, but I’ve never found them comfortable, and usually end up disappearing to the bathroom to pull them out and return to the land of glazing before the day or evening ends.

I’m dreading the day I have to change these babies. Not only is the cost stratospheric, but the selection is very limited– most of the frame shapes I prefer require so much curvature of the lenses that you can’t put prescription lenses into them.

If I had better eyesight, though, or were prepared to put up with regular eye poking/scraping, these are what I’d be buying this year:

Armani Cat Eye, €228 @ Brown Thomas

Prada Absolute Round Sunglasses €490 @ Brown Thomas

River Island Cleo €21 @ ASOS

ASOS Preppy Wayfarer in Green €17 @ ASOS

At least I can dream!

Do you have a favourite pair of shades to share? Do you wrestle with contacts, or have you braved LASIK? Do you feel my pain, with short-sightedness sorrows cramping your shades style? Drop me a line and let me know!


I don’t have anywhere near the discipline required to take a photo of my clothes every day– and even if I did, half of them would be of me slobbing around the house in workout pants and giant shirts because that’s what I work in, since they’re comfortable. So, I’m not gonna lie and pretend these seven photographs are from the same week… But they are seven outfits I wore, and they are seven days in a week, so… Close enough?

There are three things which are important to me in my personal style:  that the clothes are comfortable, that I feel good in them, and that they’re not exclusively budget or designer. That’s it; that’s my style. So, bearing that in mind, here are seven looks for seven days:


Individual photos and element lists after the cut:

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