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Part of my Super Busy Week Of Awesome (Which Unfortunately Gave Me The Flu) was going to a a gig where a friend of mine was playing. Because I was going to a club, I decided to amp up the makeup a little and give the Rock Chick look from Charlotte Tilbury a try– smoky eyes, nude lips, etc. Here’s how it turned out:


I was pretty happy with it overall, although because I was over-nighting in a hotel, I only brought travel size foundation, and you can see by the comparison with my neck that it was just a tad too dark for my skin! You can also see the messy, un-made hotel beds behind me, oops. Mother would be so ashamed that I didn’t make my bed that morning, but I was just so ill that it was a struggle to dress and do makeup, much less anything else. I’m pulling such a weird face in this photo, too, mostly due to trying to look awake and like I wasn’t going to keel over and throw up at any minute. I can’t even blame having been on the town the night before (since I wasn’t; we did a spa evening instead). I can only attribute it to the oncoming sickness which has currently has me bed-bound.

Here’s what I was wearing:


Benefit Porefessional Primer
Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in #100
Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer in #02 Light
Benefit Brow Zings in Blonde
Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eye Palette in Rock Chick
They’re Real mascara
Clinique Quick Blush in #05 Pronto Pink
Wet & Wild Balm Megaslicks Stain in E128
Estee Lauder Pure Colour Gloss in Sparkling Shell

The eagle-eyed may also have spotted that I’m sporting some kind of glitter about the cheeks– couldn’t tell you what it was, since my friend applied it when she squeezed out too much for herself by mistake! I packed pretty light for this trip, and this was more or less all the makeup I brought, aside from a red lip gloss to give me an alternative look, if I should want one.

I do love the Tilbury palettes, but I can’t help feeling they’re not quite as versatile as the Naked ones. Obviously, the Nakeds are far larger and thus less easy to pack, but they’re also cheaper, despite being of similar quality. I’m planning to mess about with my Tilbury quads a bit in the future to see what can be achieved with them in terms of versatility, but I don’t know how far it’s possible to deviate from the “prescribed” look with them. Packing Rock Chick was perfect for me for this particular trip, as it was an overnight stay which involved wearing only no makeup (spa time) and heavy makeup (gig time), but I don’t think it would have been nearly as useful as one of my Naked palettes if I’d been staying longer and had a greater range of activities planned. Maybe I’ll change my mind after a bit of practice, though?

Have you tried the Rock Chick eye quad from Charlotte Tilbury? Are you a fan of the heavy eye/nude lip style? Do you have any suggestions for using this palette in other ways? Drop me a line and let me know!



The first month of 2015 has come to a close, and here’s what I was loving in January:


MAC brush #217
Urban Decay Naked 2
Charlotte Tilbury Portobello Girl lip gloss
Urban Decay Naked 1
Charlotte Tilbury Uptown Girl palette

If you’ve been giving any thought to purchasing any of the above, I would absolutely recommend them! They’re all great buys, and you can click on the links above to see my experiences with the products or how I’ve been using them. I have a feeling I’m going to be using these throughout February, but I’m not yet sure what else will be joining them…

What did you love using in January? Did you make any fun beauty discoveries? Have you identified any Feb favourites yet? Drop me a line and let me know!



Another one of my delightful birthday presents, today I’m taking a look at the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre in Portobello Girl.


I have another one of these in a different shade which I’ll do a write-up on at some point in the future, but I’m going to cover this first because it’s easier, since this is a great “everyday” product. It’s from The Ingenue, one of my favourite of Charlotte Tilbury’s “Iconic Looks” as I think it’s a great everyday face. As it happens, this is the only product from that look which I own, as I already owned items which could fill in for the products (no need to be greedy and double up, now). I really love the pinky lips, though (for me, they define this look) and I was tempted by the promise of “a non-sticky gloss”, so I thought I would give this one a try.

Here’s a genuinely terrible close-up of my badly-bitten lips (with bonus earphones) so you can see what it looks like on:


Sorry about that; I thought I’d be able to crop the image down to just my mouth, so I didn’t bother to take my earphones out… But the image of giant, disembodied lips really freaked me out, so I went back to the original crop. Hence the earphones. And the god-awful skin. Oh, well. Back to topic:

This gloss has its good points and its bad points.

The good points:

  • It has really sturdy packaging. The stick “clicks” home, and can’t look closed when it isn’t, so there’s minimal chance of sticking it back in your bag by accident when it’s open. It also takes a fair bit of force to open it, too, so I’m guessing lip-gloss-everywhere-oh-god-no incidents are unlikely to happen with this one.
  • It’s gently glossy: there’s a gorgeous sheen without any kind of glare.
  • The shimmer pigments suspended in the formulation give the appearance of fuller lips.
  • If you’ll pardon the pun, this really glosses over any areas of uneven skin: if you’re a lip-biter or one of those disgusting people who pulls the skin off their lip with their teeth (like I do), then this will help to disguise any rough and baldy patches you’ve left behind.
  • It’s got good staying power– for a gloss, it lasts pretty well, though it does leave a residue on cups and glasses (and probably men, if you have one).
  • It’s not so sticky that you’ll feel that awful smacking sensation when you part your lips to speak (or eat, or breathe, or do anything else).
  • The colour is really pretty.

And the bad points:

  • The smell. It isn’t overwhelmingly strong, but considering you’ll be applying this right under your nose, you will probably notice it if you’re all all sensitive to scents. To me, it smells like burnt penny sweets, which is not desirable in a luxury product.
  • It’s still sticky. Not so sticky as other products I’ve tried, and it’s not going to stick your lips together, but if your hair gets in your face, it’s going to stick to your mouth.
  • The colour is very sheer. If you like that, as I do, then you’ll be happy. If you think you can use this alone to achieve the level of colour in the model’s pictures, you’re going to be disappointed.

Overall, the good points outweigh the bad, but considering that these are in the €22 range (again: gift; I don’t have exact price to hand– my apologies), unless you are crazy about one of the colours in this collection, there are probably cheaper options out there which will do much the same thing. Still, it’s far less expensive than a similar product from Dior or Armani– it’s about on a par with MAC, which I feel is about the right pricepoint.

Bad points aside, I still love this product. I can see it living in my handbag for a quite a long time as a replacement for my beloved Estee Lauder Ultra Light Gloss, which has sadly been discontinued. (Why do the makeup gods take away everything I love, why!?)

If you’re  looking for a sheer, pinky gloss, which is minimally sticky and shimmers beautifully, this might be a good option to consider.

Have you tried this product? Are you a fan of lip glosses in general? Do you have any recommendations for a gloss that is genuinely not-at-all-sticky? Drop me a line and let me know!



The other day, I posted up my OOTD, but thought it might be fun to do a separate FOTD post for the makeup I had on at the time, because it actually turned out pretty well!


Here’s a rundown of the products I used:

Kiehl’s MicroBlur Skin Perfector
Inglot Cream Concealer in #60
Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer in #02 Light

Eylure Brow Palette in Blonde
Urban Decay Naked #1 (Virgin and Gunmetal)
Max Factor Masterpiece Waterproof Mascara in Black

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre in Red Vixen

Estee Lauder Tender Blush in Rose Nuance


My skin is actually not acting up terribly at the moment, so I was able to get away with a little bit of primer and some concealer, applied very gently with my (freshly washed!) fingertips. I’d intended to have the focus on the lips, but the eyes turned out more intense than I’d intended, so instead of going overboard on the lips, I skipped the lipstick I was intending to use and went with gloss-only for a lighter look.

In addition to the products above, I used a selection of brushes for this, a mix of Real Techniques, Jemma Kidd, and Catrice:


Brush #1 is used for blusher, obviously, and despite the fact that I only used two shades on my eyes, I did use the other five brushes on those!

I used the Real Techniques “Deluxe Crease Brush” (#2) to apply Virgin as a base all over the lid and right up to the brow bone. This is a great brush because it’s huge and really soft, so it can do either blending or base application in a jiffy. That done, I then took #4 (the Jemma Kidd pencil brush) to apply Gunmetal to the crease, and blended it out with #3, the Real Techniques Duo Fibre Eye Brush. This brush is surprisingly useful; it doesn’t pick up a lot of product, so if you’ve blended too much, you can easily use it to add a little more colour to your look without having to worry about overdoing it in one stroke.

Then I took #6 (which is from Catrice and is actually a lip brush), dipped the pointy end in the Gunmetal, and applied it very gently along the lower lid, just outside the lash line. The tip of this brush is so fine that you can easily nudge individual lashes out of the way and get a really super precise line– almost like an eyeliner, but much softer. I then did the same on the upper lashes, and blended both out with #5, the Real Techniques Accent Brush.

I finished by curling my eyelashes, applying the mascara, and then letting my lashes dry before curling a second time. While they were drying, I filled in my brows with the Eylure powder, applied a light slick of the Charlotte Tilbury gloss to my lips, and added gentle sweep of the blush to finish up my look. I then gave my lashes another go of the curler just for extra hold (which lasted more or less all day). Overall, I was quite happy with how it worked out!

What products are you loving right now? Which brushes are your go-to godsends? What colours see the most use from your shadow palettes? Drop me a line and let me know!



Continuing on with my exploration of my Christmas and Birthday presents, today’s write-up is about my experience of the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish powder. There’s a lot to like about this powder– the first of which, for me, is that it’s properly pale!


The powder only comes in three shades: Fair, Medium, and Dark and they all lean towards the lighter side of things. For me, this is great, because I’ve always struggle to find foundations and powders which are light enough for my skin. I am naturally very pale, and have no interest in attempting to change this basic and inoffensive fact with makeup– something most makeup manufacturers seem to find a baffling and upsetting notion, if their product offerings are anything to go by.

Not so here.

Of course, if you’re at the other end of the skin scale, you might not be able to find anything in the range to suit you; the Medium shade is what most companies would class as pale, and the Dark shade doesn’t look to me like it would suit someone with very black skin. For my vampire-esque paleness, however, this is perfect. If you’re been looking for a luxury powder in a pale colour, this should definitely be on your radar.

The packaging is pleasantly sturdy, and also blessedly compact– my other preferred powder option has a far bulkier case, so this is a vastly more portable option. The trade-off for this, though, is that it doesn’t come with any kind of applicator, so you’ll have to either bring a brush or apply with your fingertips when you’re out and about. Given that it’s palm-sized and very, very slim, I can happily overlook the lack of applicator.

The powder itself is also thankfully odourless (I am not usually a fan of scented makeup), and it is insanely finely milled. It feels buttery soft (that’ll be the rose wax and almond oil), and it basically disappears onto the skin when applied. Unless you absolutely cake it on, there’s a very minimal “powdery” appearance, though it does still make a difference to the look of the skin in terms of reducing shine, blurring pores and fine lines, and giving softness. I’m guessing (though cannot speak from experience) that it would also set makeup pretty well, too, on account of how tiny the grains of powder are.

Colour-wise, this might not work for everyone: in addition to being very, very pale, it’s also more yellow than pink. For me, though, this is a bit of a god-send, as most paler foundations seem to operate on the principle that you would tan if only your skin would allow it, and thus if you want a pale foundation, you must be a pink-toned Classic Irish Lass or Traditional English Rose. However, yellow-toned people who still prefer avoid the sun do exist: I tan well, when I venture outside. I just generally tend to not, on account of wrinkles and melanoma and also the fact that I would be hard pressed to find a more boring activity than lying idle and spread-eagled in a patch of warm light to try to ensure my sun damage is evenly spread… Apart from the inescapable white arse and headlamps, obviously. (Why does anyone tan? This is genuinely a mystery to me. Unless you do it nude and flexibly, you end up with more stripes than a zebra crossing. I just do not see the appeal.)

This powder, however, does appeal. I like how pale it is, I like how lightly it sits on the skin, and I like how it feels to apply. Also in the €45 bracket (I cannot remember exactly how much, as it was a present), this is not a cheap option, but if you’re looking for a non-pinky, finely-milled, super-pale, expert-blurring powder, you should definitely give this one a look.

Have you tried this product? Do you have a powder to recommend for those of us who are pale and (questionably) interesting? Can you explain the appeal of using the sun to turn your body parts different colours? Drop me a line and let me know!



Of my lovely birthday presents, I was probably most excited about ripping into the Charlotte Tilbury “Luxury Palette Colour Coded Eyeshadows”. I got two: Uptown Girl, and Rock Chick. I haven’t tried the latter, but I’ve just given the former a go, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out:


Yes, it’s subtle, but that’s partially because a) I don’t like to use a lot of product, and b) my skin is really, super pale. I watched the official tutorial on YouTube before trying this out, and I couldn’t quite get over the difference of how dark the product seemed on the model compared to on me.

Either way, I love it; I think it’s a great look. In the same vein as the Naked palettes but with just a hint more colour, this palette is champagneish, with a sort of plummy bronze tint to the darker colours:


You could easily add more of the darker colour to give it a bit more punch and depth, if you were so inclined. I prefer a gentler look (and a goofier expression), though, so I mostly stuck with #1 and #2, used #4 for a liner, and then completely ignored the official party line and used #3 with a brush all over my damn eye. (I might not be one for overdosing on colour, but I do like a bit of sparkle.)


I quite like this palette: the packaging is reassuringly sturdy, and the colours have nice payoff. I love the concept of the “faces”, where you can easily find a lip colour that matches your eye palette– or indeed a cheek colour, or an eyeliner, and where all the work is done for you. (I have, of course, paired a completely different lip colour and blush with this eye palette, though, because that is just how I roll).

Of course, these palettes are definitely on the pricey end of the spectrum (I think they’re around €45), so for that money, they’d want to be something special. Are they? Well– mostly. The shadows themselves are a really lovely formulation, and I encountered no fallout or dropdown when I was applying them. They go on easily, and blend beautifully– as well as anything else I’ve ever used. On the down side, I don’t think they really have quite the same staying power as something like the Urban Decay ones, which is a little disappointing. (In their defense, at least the palette is of a size that allows portability for touch-ups, which is more than can be said for the Nakeds.)

There is one other drawback to this line, and it’s a bit of a weird one. The product is only available in store at Brown Thomas (if, you know, you’re in Ireland), and by god, they’ve REALLY trained those folks to give you the hard sell. I mean, the hard sell, the “I’m sure you don’t need both those silly kidneys, this is an absolute must-have product, and it looks so good on you…!” sell. I picked up items on three different days with three different salespeople, and it was the same with all of them. They were all extremely nice and very good at the make-up artist side of their job, but I have the feeling that they’re under the impression that if they don’t shift massive volumes of product, they’ll be out on their ear. If you find the hard sell difficult to resist, you may want to bring cash to buy rather than dare use a card, because the temptation (and pressure) to over-spend is a little bit intense.

That said, I can see myself using this palette a lot. The “prime” colour (#1) is really gorgeous, and the glitter is particularly pretty. This will be a good one for taking away with me on holidays, or even just if I’m going to be having a long day where touch-ups might be required. The day-to-night aspect of the palette is a great one, although I suspect to really pull that off, you might have to haul around a slew of brushes with you, as well. Overall I’m giving this the thumbs up, and I’m looking forward to trying out the other palette. Rock Chick is kind of a more intense look than Uptown Girl anyway, so I suspect that one will turn out a little differently…

Are you a fan of the Charlotte Tilbury range? Have you tried the Uptown Girl palette? Or, like me, do you have that damn song stuck in your head after reading the words Uptown Girl so many times? Drop me a line and let me know!



Happy Birthday to me! I am now unsettlingly old (although let’s be real: that happened before yesterday), so here’s a cavalcade of beautiful things I can slap on  myself to distract from my impending decrepitude, okay?


Birthday goodies! Clockwise from left:
Thin-knit Poloneck Shirts (Pamela Scott)
Macbook Air (Apple)
Handbag (Prada, via Brown Thomas)
Clarisonic (House of Fraser)
Urban Decay Naked On The Run (House of Fraser)
Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish in Fair (Brown Thomas)
Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre in Portobello Girl (Brown Thomas)
Urban Decay Vice 3 (House of Fraser)
Creme de la Mer Moisturising Gel (Brown Thomas)
Labyrinth Blu-Ray (Amazon UK)
L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream (L’Occitane)
L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream (L’Occitane)
Shu Uemura 4-Pan Palette (Brown Thomas)
Charlotte Tilbury Palette in Rock Chick (Brown Thomas)
Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre in Red Vixen (Brown Thomas)
Charlotte Tilbury Palette in Uptown Girl (Brown Thomas)
Shu Uemura Palette Refills in #495, #472, #595, and #311 (Brown Thomas)

Best. Presents. Ever. I also got a few bob from generous aunts and uncles, a pen, a little makeup bag, and of course my trip to Atlanta this summer. I’m not even going to play at humble bragging: I have the best family ever, and my mother is a fucking superstar who wants only to make me happy and is delighted to let me pick my own presents to be squirreled away for wrapping and presentation on the day of my birthday.

We had a lovely quiet day at home; Mum came over and put my presents under the tree with the Christmas things I’ve wrapped up but haven’t given to people:


Then we made (well– she made; I stirred the gravy and explained how to use the clock on the cooker) dinner, which was delicious but has left me genuinely terrified to even put a toe on my bathroom scale:


This was what passed as a “proper portion” when I was growing up. It’s no wonder I’ve bones like Wolverine! I ate every pick of it, and I am not ashamed. (Afraid of the scale, but not ashamed. There’s a big difference there!)

Then it was time to open pressies! I’m so happy with what I got; I love everything, and all of it is perfect and exactly what I wanted. I confess that I did break into the computer early, but that was largely so I could have it set up by my birthday, and didn’t spend the entire day fiddling with settings and generally being a techy pain in the backside. Here’s a close-up of a few selected items:


I’ve been wanting one of these for ages, and I’m excited to try it. I have god-awful skin (which I’m considering going to the doctor about in the New Year), so I’ll do anything that might make it better. Here’s hoping! I’ll keep you guys posted about how I get along with it.


There is nothing like L’Occitane handcream for dry skin. Honestly, nothing. I’ve tried E45 in the past and it works pretty well, but I’ve found that nothing does as good a job at keeping my feet pretty as this stuff. However, since they actually do make a separate foot cream, I figured I should give that a go and leave the hand cream for my actual hands? The Creme is a product I used to use, but stopped, though I started again recently and I find that my skin appreciates it as a night cream only. I’m looking forward to breaking into all three of these.


Right, I’ll be honest: this one was kind of an impulse buy. I don’t have a lot of green shadows– which is a shame, because I love them. While waiting around for my mother and her sister to come back from wherever they’d disappeared to, I dabbed on some of the gold shadow on my eyelid over my own makeup, mostly to pass the time.

I only realized later how insanely gorgeous it is, and then went back to get some. The assistant at the counter was busy making up someone else, so I ended up prodding at various other colours while I waited… And then noticed that you could get little 4-pan palettes. I couldn’t pass up the chance to put together a palette of perfect, gorgeous greens to add to my birthday stash!

On the top is #311 White Gold and #595 Dark Green. On the bottom, confusingly, both colours are called Medium Olive. They’re not at all the same, though! The one on the left is #495, and is far darker and more matte than #472 on the right, which is really more of a gold-green. Review and swatches of these babies coming soon! I’m so excited to try them out– and to add to my collection…


So remember I was wondering why I hadn’t got any Charlotte Tilbury Face in a Box sets yet? I realized why when I went into the shop: I have way too many duplicate products for any of the box sets to be practical for me. In any box, there are a good few products I either wouldn’t use or already have dupes for, so I ended up picking and choosing the bits that filled gaps in my personal collection.

I picked up the eye palettes from the Rock Chick and Uptown Girl looks, the lip glosses from the Ingenue and the Bombshell ones (the Vintage Vamp one I thought I’d love was far too dark in person– let that be a lesson!), and as the face powder from none of the looks. I’m still contemplating blusher and highlighter, but we’ll see how I get on with these.


It’s December, so time to strap yourself in for limited edition UD palette sets! I don’t have any of the previous Vice palettes, so I am super excited to try this one out. The Naked on the Run set is less of a new invention for me, but the colours are really pretty and I’m looking forward to trying out the gloss and the mascara without having to shell out for them separately. I’m less excited about the bronzer (it’s quite orange for me), but the blusher also looks good, and I think this will be handy to carry around for holidays and things!

After that, we just sat around and watched Labyrinth. It’s my favourite movie ever, and watching it has become something of a birthday tradition going back to when I was five or so. I actually got the Blu-Ray version for this year, and the quality was stellar. Simply gorgeous to watch, and if you haven’t ever seen that movie, do yourself a favour and find a copy, pronto!

I had a really lovely birthday, and I’ll be doing dedicated posts for individual items or sets as I work my way through them, so look out for those in the coming days and weeks.

Birthday season is officially over; let the countdown to Christmas begin! :p

What exciting birthday presents have you gotten this year? Do you feel like birthdays are an unwelcome reminder of the inevitable march of time, or do you embrace them with pride at having added another year to your tally? Is there any of the above items you’d especially like me to discuss in detail? Drop me a line and let me know!