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Just in time for V-Day, I’ve fallen in love– with a nail polish!essence1


Essence is one of the better budget brands out there when it comes to nailpolish– when it comes to most things, actually, but I’m basically blown away by this effort. It’s #176, and the title is Headphones On! I picked up this bottle in Primark, but you can probably get it in all chemists that still have some in stock– I got the last one, but there’s no indication it is a hateful limited edition, so you shouldn’t have any problems. It’s also a complete and absolute steal for a polish this gorgeous, and will cost you less than €3!

Now let’s get the toad on the table: the brush pretty grim. Basically, it’s pants. This makes me very sad, because the polish is basically perfect, but it will in no way stop me from using (and loving) this polish all the same.

What’s good about it? Basically everything else. I love how it looks– it’s incredibly unusual, for one thing… But for another, if your wardrobe tends in any way towards blacks, whites, or greys, it will go with almost any outfit. It’s a dark grey glitter with super-tiny silver glitter mixed in with slightly larger blue, black, and holo flecks. Here’s an extreme close-up:


That makes it look like the particles are larger than they actually are, so here’s an action shot so you can see it in-situ:


The glitter is subtle, but it gives a really beautiful effect with real depth and shimmer. I’m wearing three coats here, because it isn’t fully opaque otherwise, but once you do get to the third coat, it’s pretty much completely solid. To my surprise and delight, despite three coats and the density of the glitter, it doesn’t feel rough or textured and bumpy at all. It’s the smoothest-feeling textured polish I’ve tried in ages, and I love that so much.  Granted, my application in the photos leaves a little to be desired (which is partly owing to the bad brush– this was my first attempt, and I think I’ll get better with practice), but you can at least see the overall effect.

The problem with the brush is that it’s tapered at the edges, but also untidy; for me, this is the worst possible combination. Still, a little perseverance and care and you can do a reasonable job. It’s not something you can slap on too easily, but it doesn’t fight you every step of the way, either. The formulation is also a tiny bit on the thick side, but not so much that applying it is terrible difficult. It dries quickly, barely smells, and is reasonably long-lasting. I got three days before it started to chip– it does chip rather than fade, so if that bothers you, that’s something to be aware of. (I’m not usually a fan of chipping, but this is such a rock chick look that I don’t mind it; I think it seems kind of grungey and cool.)

Grey polish is definitely a thing for me– it suits my skintone, and my wardrobe, and my style. This is I will definitely be wearing this a lot, and I’ll be looking to buy it again. For €3 in Primark, how could you say no?

Are you a fan of Essence polish? Is this a look you’d like? Do you have another grey glitter to recommend to me? Drop me a line and let me know!



Hitting the halfway point in my series on  Inside My Makeup Drawer with number six, the Big One, ladies and gentlemen:


Eye & Brow Shadows

1 x Benefit Brow Zings (Light)
1 x No7 Shadow Kit (Green/Cream/Gold)
1 x Essence Eyeshadow Quattro (Party Animal)
1 x Essence Eyeshadow Quattro (Sixties Reloaded)
1 x Yves Saint Lauren Ombres Quadrilumieres (Green)
1 x Mac Shadestick (Corn)
1 x Clinique Eye Shadow Quad (Choco-latte)
1 x Clinique Eye Shadow Quad (Polar Blue)
1 x Make Up Factory Quad (254)
1 x Essence 3D Eyeshadow (Irresistible First Love)
1 x Clinique Eye Shadow Duo (Victorian Pink)
1 x Max Factor Eye Shadow Trio (Black/Brown/Gold)
1 x Clinique Single (Soft Shimmer)
1 x Essence All About Nude palette
1 x Technic Single (Gold)
1 x Wet & Wild Colour Icon (Envy)
1 x Wet & Wild Glitter Single (Spiked)
1 x Wet & Wild Glitter Single (Bleached)

Not pictured: Estee Lauder Automatic Brow Pencil Duo

Wow, that’s a whole lot of shadows, and that doesn’t even cover my big palettes. Didn’t realise I had quite so many…

Do you own any of these products? Do you spot any of your faves here? Drop me a line and let me know!


Continuing with my series Inside My Makeup Drawer, today we have part two:



2 x Max Factor Masterpiece Waterproof (Black)
1 x Clinique High Impact Mascara (Black)
1 x Lancome Phenomen’ Eyes (Black)
1 x Dior Black Out Waterproof (Black)
1 x Benefit They’re Real (Black)
1 x Essence Lash & Brow (Clear)
1 x Make Up Factory (Green)
1 x Collection 2000 Colour Lash (Green)
1 x Collection 2000 Extreme Colored Lengthening Mascara (Blue)
1 x Collection 2000 Colour Lash (Electric Blue)

Wow, I have a lot more mascara than I was aware of before putting them out for the photo and write-up! I’m a little embarrassed, but hey. And yes: I wear coloured mascara. I have always worn coloured mascara (my mother’s bright blue eyelashes are one of my enduring memories of the 80s; it inspired me), and I’m so glad it’s readily available again!

Do you have a favourite mascara? Or is your collection of them also getting out of control? Drop me a line and let me know!


Well, I thought it was about time I showed the inside of my makeup drawer.


My collection is pretty small (I’d rather have a few things I love using rather than a large collection of things I never bother with), but at least it’s neatly organised? I can’t stand not being able to find what I’m looking for, so I use pencil-cases to keep my collection organised.  At the start of every school year, pencil cases go on sale, and I’ll buy a huge stock of them because it helps keep things tidy and this way I never run out when I need a new one!

1: Lip balms & creams
2: Mascaras
3: Inglot travel brush set
4: Benefit Feeling Dandy kit
5: Nyx Winter in Moscow makeup set
6: Eye & Brow shadows
7: Primers, Concealers, & Foundations
8: Blushers & Highlighters
9: Lipsticks & Glosses
10: PS Nude eyeshadow palette
11: Urban Decay Naked 3 palette
12: Urban Decay Naked 1 palette

I’ll be doing a breakdown of each of these numbers in the future, so if you’re curious about what eyeshadows I have lurking around, or my sad collection of lipsticks, keep an eye out for those!

Do you spot any of your favourites in this photo? Is there anything in particular you’re curious about? Drop me a line and let me know!


There are two places that see a lot of my mug in this city, and those are Brown Thomas (the Hermes boutique in particular) and Dundrum Shopping Center. No specific shop there, just Dundrum. All of it. The whole thing. I could write odes to how wonderful that shopping center is, but I won’t, because instead I will let the pictures do the talking:


Details and more photos under the cut…

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