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Picked these up on a recent trip to Boots where I had some vouchers to spend on No7 makeup and makeup accessories. I’m not crazy about No7 makeup, there’s not much I’m missing in the makeup department right now anyway, and I’ve been wanting to try false lashes for a while now, so I thought: why not bite the bullet today? Here’s what I picked up:


I’ve never used false lashes before, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to find the experience. How did I find it? In a word: difficult. Applying them was difficult, wearing glasses with them was difficult, blinking was difficult, even looking at things was difficult– at one point I feared I might have to have my mother help me across the road, like an invalid, or somebody who’s just had lots of plastic surgery.

I’m not fully convinced all of this was my fault, though. The glue in the packet was INCREDIBLY thick, and quite difficult to get onto the lashes– I’ll try another packet at some point in the future and see if it’s any different. If they’re all like that, it’s obviously just something I’m going to have to work around, but gosh, it doesn’t seem at all ideal! I also found they were a little short for the length of my eyelid. It said you could trim them if they were too long, but I guess I must have a longer than average eyelid? In any case, I didn’t make life easier for myself by not curling my lashes beforehand– I really need to purchase a new eyelash curler, since I still haven’t replaced the old one that broke, and I think that contributed to why I could still see my own eyelashes so obvious underneath the falsies.

All of that said? I loved how they looked. I mean really, I loved it. While the feeling is something I think would definitely take some getting used to, I got a lot of compliments while I was wearing these.


Would I wear these again? Yes, absolutely. I would, however, try to:

a. buy better glue,
b. curl my lashes beforehand, and
c. place them further back on my eyelid and not so close to the corner so that they wing out a little more.

Overall, though, I’m quite pleased with my purchase, and I’m looking forward to trying them out again… Just maybe not for a couple of days.

Are you a false lash devotee? Are you a recent convert? Do you have any usage or application tips for those still on the fence like me? Drop me a line and let me know!


Continuing on my “Products I Can’t Live Without” series (counting up, not counting down, as I imagine new things will continue to be added to the list), today we have number three. It’s kind of a cheat to put two items in one place, but considering they’re basically the same thing, I feel justified.

#3 on my list of Products I Can’t Live Without:



My full write-up under the cut:

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