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I’m hoping that doing one of these at the end of every month will help to motivate me and keep me on track for the next month! I started 2015 with the goal of shifting a bit of weight and increasing my overall fitness, which I had sadly let slide towards the end of 2014. My fitness plan for January was basically this:

– Cycle 20km, five times a week (or 400km at month end)
– 10 minutes of free weights every day
– One mug of fresh spinach/apple/carrot juice every day
– No more low-fat yoghurts
– Remember to take my vitamins (Omega 3 + Glucosamine) daily
– Swap dark chocolate for milk chocolate
– Low-cal/fast one day a week

So far, I’m mostly doing okay! Which is a surprise to everyone, myself most of all.  Here’s how I’ve fared on my plan for January:

400km cycled? I got to 325, though!
Done 10 minutes of free weights every day? Yep!
Had one mug of fresh juice every day? I slacked off when it got so cold washing veg hurt!
Ditched the low-fat yoghurts? Done and done. Don’t even miss them now.
Taken vitamins every day? Surprisingly, I manged this.
Swapped dark chocolate for milk chocolate? Too many left over Christmas sweets. 😥
Fasted one day a week? Though I did manage it three weeks out of four.

Overall, I don’t think I did too badly… Of course, January is the easiest month, since just about everyone is taking it easy in January! It’s only going to get harder from here on out, but I’m really hoping I’ll be able to keep it up since I feel better about myself and everything else when my fitness (and, let’s me honest, my weight) is going in the right direction.

Weight-wise, I shed about 4.5 (Christmas) pounds, and I’ve definitely done more exercise than I would have otherwise if not for having a goal I was trying to achieve, even if I didn’t quite get there. I feel my skin is improved for all the veggies I’ve been eating– and although I didn’t manage juice daily (honestly, sometimes it is just TOO COLD to stand around washing a big pile of vegetables in cold water), I did manage to eat 3-4 of my 5 day almost every day. On several days, I had nothing BUT vegetables, and I’ve eaten so many carrots I’m slowly turning orange. I’ve been working on learning to cook delicious new things that are lower in sugar and fat than my old fare, and eaten almost nothing in the way of “bad” foods (there was a pizza, once, but we won’t speak of it).

So how do I feel at the end of January? Better. Slimmer, fitter, and pleased to have kicked some bad habits, but unsure how to measure any other improvements.

I can’t say that my energy levels have been noticeably improved, since my sleeping schedule is so messy that it interferes with conclusions on that front. I do feel like my skin is brighter and with fewer blemishes for the combination of regular exercise and better diet… Though that’s difficult to determine, as well, since I’ve upgraded my skincare regime since the start of the month, and have also been trying to be more diligent about it. I’m pretty sure I’m fitter; I don’t feel my cycling requires as much effort for the same distance now, and getting on my bike became a habit I more-or-less accepted into my life after a few days– like with brushing my teeth before bed, I felt restless when I didn’t do it. I can, at least, say for certain that I have definitely lost weight, since that one is readily quantifiable. I’m confident I’ve toned up some, too, since my jeans and shirts are fitting less snugly in the last week or so.

It has definitely been worth it, so I’ll be continuing this on into February. I’ll let you know how I got on then!

How have your January plans been going for you? Are you making health and fitness a priority in the new year? Or do you have a different focus you’re enjoying for 2015? Drop me a line and let me know!



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