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Well, after my tumultuous month of non-stop hubbub and activity, it’s all finally come to an end. Now that I’m able to relax a little bit, I’ve discovered –to my horror– that I’ve put on somewhere between five and ten pounds. For someone of my size and build, that’s a terrible amount to put on over a month, and it has to come off right the hell now. My diet proper starts today, and I’m giving myself two months to lose about ten pounds. That’s a reasonably doable target, I feel, especially if I do a little exercise and stick with it!

My diet plan is as follows:

Two boiled eggs OR Greek Yoghurt with berries
Salad (spinach, lettuce, tomato, onion, scallion, sweetcorn, cucumber and avocado) with grilled salmon or grilled chicken breast OR Boiled potatoes with cheese and scallion.
Salad (as above) with Pine Nuts and Cheese.

For snacks, I’ll be having fruit (grapes, cherries, strawberries, blueberries) or yoghurt, and my usual mug of spinach, carrot, and apple juice every day. I’m hoping a few weeks of healthy eating will put me back on the straight and narrow, and it should also do my skin and body some good, as well! As time goes on, I’ll probably add some grains in as well, but I simply cannot be trusted with bread right now– I’ll have to go cold turkey without it for a while before I can again become one of those people who’re able to eat one or two slices without slyly slinking back to the breadbin for seconds. As diets go, though, this is one that should work for me quite well, because I love salad. I really do: I could eat it forever. The only trouble is, I also like eating lots of chocolate and crap, as well.

In terms of exercise, I’ll be upping the amount of walking I do (though it’s a little difficult at the moment since I got some blisters from overdoing it a while ago– ouch) along with some light weights and stretching/yoga. I’m really hoping I can stick to it this time, and I’ve gotten better at knowing when my trigger moments are– like now, for example: having just had a very delicious, filling, and healthy dinner, my stupid body is screaming for unnecessary sweets purely because it’s in the habit of getting them.

No, body, you may not have a Jaffa Cake or a Crunchie. You can’t have ice-cream, either. You don’t need any of those things! You just got a giant plate of salad and a salmon fillet, which should be more than enough for you. In a little while, you may have some berries, and you’ll be doing well at that!

I’m rather lucky it’s summer, though, when I can get out to go for walks and when I can have lovely salads and not be craving hot foods on top of all the sugary snacks I’m cutting out.

Are you on a summer diet? Are you a salad lover? Do you have any weight loss success stories or tips you’d like to share? Drop me a line and let me know!


Following on from part three of my Gran Canaria recap, we have part four:



I’m going to be honest: I never have much to say about food at the places I visit, because I’m pretty much the anti-thesis of a foodie. A portion of chips or boiled potato or a sandwich and I’m happy, especially if I can have ice-cream for after.

Personally, I vastly prefer self-catering to hotel stays, and would take a nice apartment over a hotel room any day of the week. Not only do you have more space, but you also have the freedom to store and cook your own food, so you’re not reliant on restaurant food at normal mealtimes. I will say that in Puerto Rico, the restaurants are pretty much open from 8 or 9am until about 11pm, and you can get food whenever you want, but still: there’s nothing like a home-cooked meal, even if the “home” in question is technically pretty temporary.

Mum actually packed rashers and sausages to take with us while we were out there, and we ate those every other day with some fabulous local eggs and tomatoes. (We also ate a lot of bread, though Spanish bread is very different to Irish bread, it’s remarkably delicious.)

We did, however, enjoy, with cocktails, this spiffy ice cream pictured above at the dancing place by the beach that I mentioned before. It was terrific, but my first recommendation from this trip is “El Rancho”, which you can find in the furthest part of the Shopping Center from the entrance.

We ate there  twice (having eaten in other places two other times, and regretted it). The food there is amazing, and their menu selection is excellent. I can personally recommend the onion soup, the grilled salmon, the grilled sole, and the lamb chops. They’re all brilliantly cooked, the staff are lovely, and they even have free wifi! Like most places in Puerto Rico, I found the prices quite reasonable– at least, if you’re accustomed to Dublin prices; otherwise, you might find them a little on the high side.

Are you a budding restaurant critic and gourmet connoisseur, or are you a fan of simple and home-cooked food like me? Drop me a line and let me know!


Happy Easter, boys and girls! Today Mummy will be cooking fabulous roast lamb and we shall be feasting like piglets. It reminded me, though, that I never shared this awesome photo that I took at Kildare Village Outlets some weeks ago in the Lily O’Brien pop up store there:


If you think that looks like an eight-foot egg made of chocolate, you would be entirely correct. I’m not sure even I could eat all that much, but apparently people had been trying, hence the fact that it’s now behind protective glass! It’s also been covered with a melt-protecting coating which, according to the salesguy, tastes terrible– not that it put people off; I could see little bitemarks around the rim!

Since I couldn’t fit that one into the car, I settled for the more modest version:


Chocolate orange– yum. When you bought two, you got a box of chocolates for €5 that’s usually €10, which isn’t bad at all. (I scoffed those pretty sharpish, though.) Hope everyone’s having a lovely day filled with delightful treats!

Are you an Easter egg fiend, or does the thought of all that chocolatey indulgence make you queasy? Do you have any diet tips for me to start back with on Monday? Drop me a line and let me know!


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