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Here’s my latest OOTD! Head over to anez.me for the full breakdown. ♥


Off to town for a day’s shopping! Read the full outfit breakdown over at anez.me!


I am dog rough sick today, so here’s a little OOTD from earlier in the week to keep my schedule until I’m feeling better!

 ootd18 Sweater: M&S
Leggings: M&S
Boots: UGG
Scarf: Hermes

I am so very, very sick! Every time I swallow it’s like someone smacks me on both sides of the throat. I’ve had a super busy week that I’m looking forward to talking about once I’m better though, so it was totally worth it for the experience!

Are you guys feeling well? Are you sick like me? Have you done anything fun this week? Drop me a line and let me know!



My January fitness blitz has paid off and I am back in my skinny jeans! I don’t know why people knock the January fad-diet-trend; while it mostly isn’t sustainable in the long-term, it does help to melt off those stubborn Christmas pounds! Here’s what I’m wearing now I can embrace my full wardrobe once more:

ootd1 Scarf: Hermes
T-Shirt: Primark
Jumper: Band of Outsiders
Bag: Balenciaga
Jeans: Paige
Boots: UGG

Yes, those are indeed the new navy Uggs that I got for Christmas. I’m so happy with them! It’s so nice to be able to wear an all-blue outfit and not have to worry about pairing up black or grey accessories to off-set my black or grey boots. (I could, of course, just not wear Uggs, but that sounds painful…)

I’m also loving this scarf, which I’ve had for years. Funny horror story: I was severely overheated today in the shopping center while I was wearing this, and so took my scarf off and tied it to my bag. The damn thing FELL OFF while I popped out of Tesco to, um, dispose of my empty ice cream cup (I’m back in the jeans so I’m allowed ice cream, okay?). I didn’t even realise it was gone until some incredibly kind soul hurried after me with it to tell me I’d dropped it! I thanked her profusely, but I’m not sure any amount of thanks can be sufficient to someone returning an Hermes scarf that’s out of season. I don’t know who you are, kind stranger, but thank you so much, and I wish you all the luck in the world! You are a genuinely lovely person, and I hope you are having a wonderful week.

Have you ever lost a beloved item? Have you ever had one returned to you?  Have you ever been the kind soul returning someone’s lovely lost item? Drop me a line and let me know!



I so wanted to start 2015 with an extra awesome OOTD, but considering that I’m still feeling the effect of Christmas eating, I also want to hide under a big blanket, size XXXL. I ended up compromising by wearing this:

ootd5 Scarf: Hermes
Jumper: Tommy Hilfiger
Bag: Hermes
Jeans: 7 for All Mankind
Shoes: Sketchers

Breaking in some new shoes here– they’re actually for a costume at an event later in the year, but I thought it might be wise to break them in somewhere else first. This was definitely a good idea, because by the time I got home, I wanted a foot masseuse under that giant blanket I mentioned. (That sounds dirtier than I intended it to be…)

I’m hoping they won’t hurt quite so much once they’re broken in, because I was perfectly fine for the first two hours, it was only by hour four that the ache really started. The reason for this is because they have a kind of hidden wedge heel, which is my absolute favourite thing– I might be complaining about them hurting, but I think we all know that I wouldn’t even consider wearing a “regular” heel for four or five hours walking around the mall. I’d be in pain by minute four, much less hour four, so these are a nice option when you want to add some height but still have some walking to do.

I’m working (albeit slowly) on shedding my Christmas pounds, so hopefully future OOTDs will be a little more exciting– especially once the good weather swings back around!

Have you put Christmas behind you, or are you feeling Christmas on your behind? Do you have beautiful clothes waiting until you feel better to wear them? Or were you good over the holidays and find yourself greeting January with gleeful and confident smugness? Drop me a line and let me know!



Gosh, for someone who did so much bitching about Christmas coming, I feel surprisingly saddened about it being over! I actually had a really lovely, really quiet Christmas. I stayed home with mum, made dinner, and then watched three solid hours of soap nonsense on telly. All in all,  a good day…! My Christmas tree looks all sad and bare without its cache of pressies underneath, but I am so delighted by my gifts that I couldn’t possibly feel too badly about it. Here’s what I got:


Clinique Gift Bag
Clinique Lash Power Mascara in Dark Chocolate
Clinique All About Eyes Serum
Clinique Cream Shaper For Eyes in Black Diamond
Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleanser
Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleanser Sample Size
Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer
Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate
Kiehl’s Micro-Blur Skin Perfector
Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Grapefruit
Urban Decay Naked 2
Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics
Chanel no.5 Loose Body Powder
Kiss Cuticle Remover
Kiss Cuticle Cream
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Blu-Ray
Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-Ray
Elektra Blu-Ray
GAP Fingerless gloves
Hermes scarf

Not pictured: Navy UGG boots (yay!) and Paul Costello faux fur throw pillows and blanket. The latter was a surprise, and boy was I surprised! They’re so cozy and soft, though, so I might try to take photos of them– they make snuggling up on the couch extra comfy in these chilly times. (It will surprise nobody to say you’ll be seeing the UGGs regularly in upcoming OOTDs. Love UGGS. Love them.)

I should probably have asked for exercise gear, though– I’m going to have to be rolled out of the house come new year! Mum did most of the cooking (apart from my special potatoes) but I was in charge of setting the table, so I had a little fun coming up with something pretty and different:


The lights are old champagne bottles filled with battery-operated fairy lights, if you’re wondering. Super easy to do, and looks really interesting! The same lights are also draped over the floor lamp in the corner– I think I might keep those there year-round, actually; they’re really very fun.

Of course, no amount of cute table decoration is going to take away from Mum’s dinners:


If you’re thinking it’s basically the same as my birthday dinner except with brussel sprouts and garlic potato, you’d be right. Roast lamb is definitely my favourite dinner…! I’m just not that into turkey.

Or Christmas pudding, for that matter; for me, it wouldn’t be Christmas without cake:


We got white chocolate curls this time, and little fruit pieces, for some reason. Not complaining! They’re delicious. Definitely going to this bakery again; it’s aces.

I had such a lovely time this year that hopefully it will motivate me to not be such a Grinch in the run up to Christmas 2015. I just have to do what I did this year: get all my business done well and early so that the last couple of days before Christmas aren’t spent in frantic terror… And which, mostly importantly, will allow me to avoid all car parks for at least ten days before Christmas Day. (I’m pretty sure being able to do that was critical to my enjoyment of the festive season this year. Trying to find a space in a jam-packed car-park is my idea of hell; avoiding it definitely allows me to enhance my calm.)

Did you have a great Christmas? Are you gunning for the sales? Do you have any fun stories or tales of Christmas terror to share? Drop me a line and let me know… But I hope all your dinners went off beautifully, all your presents were delivered on time, and the day was everything you dreamed of.



Winter is definitely here, and biting, so I’ve fallen back on the big guns: cashmere shawls and heavy jackets! I had so surrender my lighter leather jacket for this heavier, fleece-lined option… Which actually belongs to my Mum. Mum suffers from the cold even worse than I do (if you can imagine that), so for her, this is actually a spring jacket, not the winter coat it seems to me! Silver lining, though: I get to keep it until it warms enough that she can cast off her blanket-coat and jump into this, at which point I’ll move back to my usual (lighter) jacket. Everyone wins when mother and daughter end up the same clothes size! 😀

ootd22 Jacket: Barneys
Shawl: Hermes
Jumper: Tommy Hilfiger
Bag: Prada
Jeans: 7 For All Mankind
Boots: UGG

Probably not my best look, but as I was wandering the streets of Dublin in this, it kept me pleasantly warm, which was what was needed! I’m also giving my new birthday bag is inaugural outing. It’s a little stiffer than my older one, which will take some getting used to, but I think it will loosen up a little bit over time– and until then, I’m very happy with how it looks!

Are you all set up for Christmas yet? Are all your cards written, and all your pressies wrapped? Are you looking forward to the festive season, or just looking forward to it all being over? Drop me a line and let me know!



Visiting town in this one, and since I was spending the day in BTs, I thought I should try to look a little sharp!

 ootd3 Jacket: Vintage
Scarf: Hermes
Sweater: Tommy Hilfiger
Jeans: Dunnes
Boots: UGG
Bag: Balenciaga

I really wanted to wear my salmon Karen Millen jacket with this to match the colours in the scarf, but it was just too damn cold! I’m so over this winter chill– can it be Spring now, please?

I’m definitely not over this scarf, though; I’ve had it for quite some time, but I haven’t actually worn it properly before this. I love the colours– there’s a nice balance of colour and neutrals, and I really love that pop of mint. It goes perfectly with this bag, which I’ve had forever, but don’t wear nearly as often as I should!

What items are you rediscovering in your closet this winter? Are you praying for Spring to come early? Or is Christmas all you can think about? Drop me a line and let me know!




It is nice to be able to take these again without cowering in the elevator! Off to Dundrum in this, so fortunately I don’t have to wrap up too warm despite this bitter winter weather…

 ootd2 Jacket: Vintage
Sweater: M&S
Pants: Under Armour
Bag: Prada
Scarf: Hermes
Shoes: Prada

I know it’s only December, but I can’t help hoping winter ends early this year! I hate wearing too many layers. Mum keeps giving me a hard time about not wearing heavier coats, but I just hate being weighed down by all that extra material!

I really do love this sweater, though; the pattern is really pretty, but it’s low-key enough that I don’t feel it’s too obvious or draws too much attention when I wear it. Still, I think it looks best with a plain scarf, so that’s what I’ve paired it with here. This scarf is probably one of my favourites: plain black, but printed with the Ex Libris pattern so it has a subtle shimmer, it’s really versatile and goes with most things in my wardrobe.

What accessories are you pairing with your prints this season? Are you wishing for winter to end? Or are you a fan of chilly weather cover-ups? Drop me a line and let me know!



I fixed my mirror! Incredibly poorly, and with a lot of double-sided tape, but it’s better than trying to furtively snap pics in the darkness of the elevator while the poor neighbours wait outside.

 ootd1 Jacket: Vintage
Scarf: Hermes
Boots: UGG
Jeans: Vintage
Bag: Balenciaga

Still wearing this scarf a lot– I love it so much! It just seems to go with absolutely everything. Still sticking with my blue theme in general, really, and wanted something comfy and warm to go shopping in. My hair is thankfully starting to get properly long again, for which I am very glad. It’s so close to the length I want it to be! Just an inch or two more.

These jeans basically belong to the sisterhood of the travelling pants. They came to me from my mother, who I believe got them from her niece, who might have got them from their mum? They’re really old and soft and broken-in, though, so I love them.

Do you have any beloved cast-offs? What accessories can you just not put down? Have you started wearing your Christmas jumpers yet? Drop me a line and let me know!