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Dinner out with Mummy and Aunties with this, finally wearing something I bought before Christmas and never got a chance to wear until now! Pretty happy with how this looked in person, although it didn’t photograph very well and I was running out the door when I was taking the picture, so I didn’t really have time to try to take a better one! Two looks for the price of one here, mostly because it looks so different with and without the coat.

T-Shirt: Primark
Shirt: Primark
Trousers: River Island
Shoes: Chloe
Jacket: Louise Kennedy
Bag: Mulberry
Scarf: Hermes
Necklace: Primark

Super happy that I got to wear my little shirt at last! It’s been languishing in my closet for about six months now; it deserved an outing, I think!

Do you wear your clothes as soon as you get them, or do you wait until the perfect moment? What’s waiting in your closet now waiting to be worn? Do you prefer this outfit with or without jacket and accessories? Drop me a line and let me know!


Looking for a relaxed, casual look here for a relaxed, casual day! Shopping in Dundrum with Mummy and my lovely auntie in this one. Trying out the new leggings I got in my most recent shopping trip, and I cannot express how much I love them. They were a great bargain, and I have a feeling they’ll go with lots of my tops and t-shirts!

ootd14a T-Shirt: Oasis
Sweater: River Island
Leggings: M&S
Boots: Uggs
Scarf: Hermes

Have you bought anything new lately which you think will integrate well into your wardrobe? Are you a sales fiend like me? Do you wear any of the brands I’m wearing here? Drop me a line and let me know!


Indoor shopping with this, so I don’t need to be quite as wrapped up as usual. I seem to have lost a bit of weight in the calf area since I purchased these boots– they were tighter when I bought them first! Alas, it doesn’t seem to be showing around the hips… God bless Dundrum, though; I love not having to wear heavy clothes to ward off the cold, especially once it’s this time of year!

ootd03 Shirt: River Island
T-Shirt: Dunnes
Leggings: A-Wear
Boots: Schuh

Do you enjoy the lighter clothes afforded by mall shopping? Are you a die-hard town/high-street shopper? Drop me a line and let me know!


Keeping it casual today with the sweater I picked up in my recent Dundrum Haul! Love this sweater; it’s so soft and comfy. It goes really well with these leggings, too, and since they were insanely expensive when I bought them a few years ago, I try to wear them as much as possible to lower the cost-per-wear! The sweater is miles too big for me, but it hangs really well, so I’m very happy with it.

ootd22 Sweater: River Island
T-Shirt: Oasis
Leggings: McQ (Harvey Nichols)
Boots: Uggs (Brown Thomas)

Do you consider cost-per-wear when choosing items for your wardrobe, or to wear? Will you buy an item in the wrong size if you think you can still pull it off? Drop me a line and let me know!



While at Dundrum the other day to watch Captain America, I also hit the sales and picked up a few bits and pieces!




Boots are doing a 3 for 2 offer at the moment on Rapid Lash and Rapid Brow, so if you use either of those products, now is a great time to stock up! I saved myself €49 buying them now rather than a few weeks ago when I noticed I was running low, so it’s absolutely worth it to wait for the offer to come up before you purchase. I also picked up what I strongly suspect might be the perfect pink lipstick (I know, I know– I’ve said this before, and I haven’t been right yet, but I live in perpetual hope!) which I intend to discuss in a separate post later.


clothes-mango clothes-river

I also picked up a few items in the River Island sale. Photos are below the cut, along with a few things I picked up in Mango when in Gran Canaria, because apparently I had forgotten how chilly evenings can be there, and hadn’t packed a lot of what I needed!
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