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Part of my Super Busy Week Of Awesome (Which Unfortunately Gave Me The Flu) was going to a a gig where a friend of mine was playing. Because I was going to a club, I decided to amp up the makeup a little and give the Rock Chick look from Charlotte Tilbury a try– smoky eyes, nude lips, etc. Here’s how it turned out:


I was pretty happy with it overall, although because I was over-nighting in a hotel, I only brought travel size foundation, and you can see by the comparison with my neck that it was just a tad too dark for my skin! You can also see the messy, un-made hotel beds behind me, oops. Mother would be so ashamed that I didn’t make my bed that morning, but I was just so ill that it was a struggle to dress and do makeup, much less anything else. I’m pulling such a weird face in this photo, too, mostly due to trying to look awake and like I wasn’t going to keel over and throw up at any minute. I can’t even blame having been on the town the night before (since I wasn’t; we did a spa evening instead). I can only attribute it to the oncoming sickness which has currently has me bed-bound.

Here’s what I was wearing:


Benefit Porefessional Primer
Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in #100
Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer in #02 Light
Benefit Brow Zings in Blonde
Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eye Palette in Rock Chick
They’re Real mascara
Clinique Quick Blush in #05 Pronto Pink
Wet & Wild Balm Megaslicks Stain in E128
Estee Lauder Pure Colour Gloss in Sparkling Shell

The eagle-eyed may also have spotted that I’m sporting some kind of glitter about the cheeks– couldn’t tell you what it was, since my friend applied it when she squeezed out too much for herself by mistake! I packed pretty light for this trip, and this was more or less all the makeup I brought, aside from a red lip gloss to give me an alternative look, if I should want one.

I do love the Tilbury palettes, but I can’t help feeling they’re not quite as versatile as the Naked ones. Obviously, the Nakeds are far larger and thus less easy to pack, but they’re also cheaper, despite being of similar quality. I’m planning to mess about with my Tilbury quads a bit in the future to see what can be achieved with them in terms of versatility, but I don’t know how far it’s possible to deviate from the “prescribed” look with them. Packing Rock Chick was perfect for me for this particular trip, as it was an overnight stay which involved wearing only no makeup (spa time) and heavy makeup (gig time), but I don’t think it would have been nearly as useful as one of my Naked palettes if I’d been staying longer and had a greater range of activities planned. Maybe I’ll change my mind after a bit of practice, though?

Have you tried the Rock Chick eye quad from Charlotte Tilbury? Are you a fan of the heavy eye/nude lip style? Do you have any suggestions for using this palette in other ways? Drop me a line and let me know!



Hitting the halfway point in my series on  Inside My Makeup Drawer with number six, the Big One, ladies and gentlemen:


Eye & Brow Shadows

1 x Benefit Brow Zings (Light)
1 x No7 Shadow Kit (Green/Cream/Gold)
1 x Essence Eyeshadow Quattro (Party Animal)
1 x Essence Eyeshadow Quattro (Sixties Reloaded)
1 x Yves Saint Lauren Ombres Quadrilumieres (Green)
1 x Mac Shadestick (Corn)
1 x Clinique Eye Shadow Quad (Choco-latte)
1 x Clinique Eye Shadow Quad (Polar Blue)
1 x Make Up Factory Quad (254)
1 x Essence 3D Eyeshadow (Irresistible First Love)
1 x Clinique Eye Shadow Duo (Victorian Pink)
1 x Max Factor Eye Shadow Trio (Black/Brown/Gold)
1 x Clinique Single (Soft Shimmer)
1 x Essence All About Nude palette
1 x Technic Single (Gold)
1 x Wet & Wild Colour Icon (Envy)
1 x Wet & Wild Glitter Single (Spiked)
1 x Wet & Wild Glitter Single (Bleached)

Not pictured: Estee Lauder Automatic Brow Pencil Duo

Wow, that’s a whole lot of shadows, and that doesn’t even cover my big palettes. Didn’t realise I had quite so many…

Do you own any of these products? Do you spot any of your faves here? Drop me a line and let me know!


So recently I picked up two pink-toned balm stains and I’ve been trying them out to see which one is the superior lip stain.


On the left, we have Revlon‘s Just Bitten Kissable in 020, “Lovesick”, and on the right, Wet & Wild‘s Megaslicks Balm Stain n E127. The Revlon offering is about €12, the Wet&Wild one about €4, so there’s a sizeable difference in price… But is there a difference in quality?

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There are two places that see a lot of my mug in this city, and those are Brown Thomas (the Hermes boutique in particular) and Dundrum Shopping Center. No specific shop there, just Dundrum. All of it. The whole thing. I could write odes to how wonderful that shopping center is, but I won’t, because instead I will let the pictures do the talking:


Details and more photos under the cut…

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